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Honestly Abe - The Musical, is based upon young Abraham Lincoln when he was a teenage 'railsplitter' in Indiana. This is the least known, but most formative, entertaining, and joyous period of his life.

La Muse Venale, Inc. presents Robert L. Hecker's, "Honestly Abe," a musical tale of dreams, possibilities and heartbreak, shining a light on a little-known early chapter in the life of President Abraham Lincoln. Directed by M. Stefan Stozier.

Set in Indiana in the late 1820s, and based on historical fact, "Honestly Abe" presents the young Abe Lincoln as a lanky, prankster boy who loves to read and who can tell a yarn with the best of them. Close to both his mother and sister, while never quite seeing eye-to-eye with his father, Abe dreams of the day he can quit the family farm, leave his life of "rail-splitting" in the past and become a riverboat pilot. But family tragedies, a desire for revenge and the advice of a close friend will cause him to change his plans, setting him on the path toward the law and politics, but not before leaving someone very special behind.


Eva Amessé, a versatile actress with a rich background in theatre, showcased her talent in the Off-Broadway production of "Honestly Abe." more...

Kimberly Larkin, who performed as Sarah Lincoln in the off-Broadway musical Honestly Abe at the Actor's Temple Theatre in NYC for over two years, brings a wealth of experience from her extensive background in vocal performance and music education. more...

Mary Lauren, a versatile talent in NYC, showcased her skills as an actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer in "Honestly Abe - The Musical." more...

Gabriella Mack, a talented performer hailing from South Euclid, Ohio, brought her New York stage presence to the cast of "Honestly Abe - The Musical" more...

Tiffany Springle, who has graced stages such as The York Theatre and Actor’s Temple Theatre, brought her talents to the cast of "Honestly Abe - The Musical," showcasing her versatile performance history. more...

Production Team

Ashley Wren Collins Choreographer
Cheryl Krugel-Lee Orchestrator
Kimberly Larkin Musical Director
Jonathan B. Lerner Musical Director
Angelko Mar Production Assistant
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