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Hassan - 1924 - Broadway


Knickerbocker Theatre

(New York, NY)
1396 Broadway and 39th St.
by Stephi Wild - Sep 7, 2021
The world premiere of Abraham's Land tackles one of the world's most tragic, enduring and intractable geopolitical conflicts-Israel and Palestine-with the three lead roles played by Jewish-American, Israeli, and Palestinian-American actors.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Sep 3, 2021
Famous for his overtly political works against apartheid, Athol Fugard is probably South Africa's most highly regarded playwright. The Orange Tree Theatre put on his searing Blood Knot in 2019 about brothers across the race divide and now revisits his work with the powerful story of a forbidden relationship between a white woman and a black man in Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Sep 21, 2021
Tony Award-nominated and Obie Award-winning theater company Clubbed Thumb and two-time Tony Award nominee Heidi Schreck have announced the Clubbed Thumb Constitution Commissions.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Sep 20, 2021
The Harlem Chamber Players, Inc.will present its 14th Anniversary Season Opening Concerts on Thursday and Friday, September 23rd and 24th, 2021 at 7 PM at Broadway Presbyterian Church, located at 601 West 114th Street (on Broadway), New York, NY 10025.
by A.A. Cristi - Sep 16, 2021
The Resident Ensemble Players is kicking off their 2021-2022 season with the audio production of A Scandal in Bohemia, featuring one of the most famous detectives in literary history, Sherlock Holmes.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Sep 15, 2021
Soho Rep. today announced a robust 2021-22 season with which it will reopen its home at 46 Walker Street. The company welcomes full-capacity in-person audiences back for the first time since late 2019 with the presentation of works-in-progress from the Writer/Director Lab, a signature program of the theater for over two decades.
by A.A. Cristi - Sep 15, 2021
The Exponential Festival presents and promotes experimental performances created by New York-based artists working across all mediums. 
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 5, 2021
Following the previously released “megan fox” and “SUNSHINE” is “south!” produced by Hokage Simon and featuring acclaimed, up-and-coming British-Indian rapper NAYANA IZ.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - May 28, 2021
It will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the output of Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre that Bernard Shaw is the first pick for what the theatre is calling their Recovery Season. Artistic Director Paul Miller has directed several Shaw plays here, most recently Candida in 2019. In this quick-witted revival of two of Shaw’s short plays, social expectations and marriage are skewered in typical Shavian style.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - May 28, 2021
Intimately confessional stand-up shows are not new for Jessie Cave. Her 2015 show, I Loved Her, detailed her relationship with fellow comic Alfie Brown after she became pregnant after their one-night stand. In 2018 she returned with Sunrise, about the aftermath of their breakup. Filmed in an empty Soho Theatre during the pandemic, this emotionally intelligent and bittersweet show is now available to stream.
by A.A. Cristi - May 28, 2021
Abdul Shayek has today announced his first programme for the newly rebranded Tara Theatre. Tara Theatre is the UK's longest established Asian, Black and ethnically diverse led theatre company. Shayek was appointed in August 2020, beginning a bold new chapter at a moment that has led to unequivocal consensus that things urgently need to change. 
by A.A. Cristi - May 26, 2021
Clio Music, the global competition celebrating the visceral power of music to connect consumers and brands around the world, today announced that singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile and the National Independent Venue Association will receive 2021 Clio Music Impact Awards as part of this year's program cycle. 
by Chloe Rabinowitz - May 25, 2021
Filmmaker Eva Lanska, highly decorated with awards and distinctions for her work in the feature and short film drama genre, has directed and produced her first documentary titled, The Abraham Accords Change History: Women in the Middle East.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - May 21, 2021
Season four of THE CHI, Season three of BLACK MONDAY and the debut season of FLATBUSH MISDEMEANORS will officially premiere on SHOWTIME on Sunday, May 23. 
by A.A. Cristi - May 18, 2021
Sharjah Art Foundation today announced that the 15th edition of the Sharjah Biennial (SB15) will feature 30 new commissions.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - May 13, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse will open its all-virtual 2021 production season with the regional premiere of “Tiny House,” a timely new comedy about downsizing, going green, escaping urban life, and fresh starts, written by Michael Gotch, and directed by Mark Lamos, Playhouse artistic director.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - May 13, 2021
The little OPERA theatre of ny will present a livestream concert of Monteverdi & Other Treasures from the Seicento on Friday, June 4, 2021 at 7:30pm ET. The production will offer an optional immersive viewing experience by Musae.
by A.A. Cristi - May 13, 2021
The little OPERA theatre of ny presents a livestream concert of Monteverdi & Other Treasures from the Seicento on Friday, June 4, 2021 at 7:30pm ET.
by Stephi Wild - May 11, 2021
Egypt's Theater Art House will present 10 theatrical performances between Cairo and Alexandria, starting from the second day of Eid al-Fitr.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - May 1, 2021
Mr Wickham is best known as the villain of Jane Austen’s iconic novel Pride and Prejudice; a dastardly rake who seduced Elizabeth’s impetuous younger sister Lydia and threatened to bring the whole family into disrepute. Adrian Lukis, who played Wickham in the seminal 1994 BBC series, now returns to the character in Being Mr Wickham, a highly engaging one-man play, streamed live from the country’s last Regency theatre, the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.
by Chantal Kunst - Jun 8, 2021
Theaterproducenten Ruud de Graaf en Hans Cornelissen maken bekend dat vanaf vandaag de kaartverkoop start voor de waanzinnige musical de ROCKY HORROR SHOW met de internationale Nederlandse ster Sven Ratzke, 'grande dame' Ellen Pieters, Esmée Dekker, Samir Hassan en Yoran de Bont in de hoofdrollen. Naast hen zullen ook Raymond Kurvers, Sabine Beens, Erik Brey, Barry Beijer, Anna Joan en Jary Sluijter belangrijke rollen vertolken. De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment is trots dat deze wereldhit vanaf 27 juli start met een serie voorstellingen tot 8 augustus in ITA aan het Leidseplein, tijdens Amsterdam Pride. De ROCKY HORROR SHOW zal geregisseerd worden door Martin Michel, Jeremy Baker maakte de Nederlandse vertaling.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 8, 2021
Tara Theatre has announced casting for 2020, 12 new stories from 12 writers (3 international and 9 from across England) responding to the challenges of 2020 and 2021, but from a completely local perspective. 2020 features in Abdul Shayek's first programme as Artistic Director for the newly rebranded Tara Theatre.
by A.A. Cristi - Jun 8, 2021
Following a unanimous decision at its June 8 meeting, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' Board of Trustees has named Hassan Salem Chair-elect of the Board.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 7, 2021
Windmill restarts its national touring program by taking its epic teen drama, Amphibian, across the country from June to September, before returning to Adelaide for a strictly limited season.
by A.A. Cristi - Jun 26, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse will open its all-virtual 2021 production season with the regional premiere of “Tiny House,” a timely new comedy about downsizing, going green, escaping urban life, and fresh starts, written by Michael Gotch, and directed by Mark Lamos, Playhouse artistic director.
by A.A. Cristi - Jun 24, 2021
It's not long now until the Roundhouse opens its doors for live audiences for the much anticipated The Last Word Festival. The vibrant and eclectic programme now includes Radio 1 DJ, broadcaster, and best-selling author, Annie Macmanus, with a live recording of her critically-acclaimed podcast Changes.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jun 18, 2021
2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Samuel Beckett’s challenging play Happy Days. Written in 1961, a fantastic new revival now comes to Riverside Studios. Deftly directed by Trevor Nunn, the play resonates more than ever and features a truly stunning performance from Lisa Dwan.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jun 15, 2021
Senators Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn have written a letter to the Small Business Administration’s chief Isabella Guzman over the delay in the Save Our Stages funds reaching the venues who need it.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 12, 2021
UNFIX NYC comes back after a year-long break! The 5th season of the festival takes place online this year to collaborate with UNFIX festival, UNFIX Bologna, and UNFIX Tokyo. This festival aims to create an awareness of ecology through the arts, with live performance, film, visual arts, and site-specific events.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 10, 2021
Immersive Van Gogh, the original experiential celebration of the work of beloved post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh, is now open at Pier 36 (299 South St.) a 70,000-square-foot facility located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side with views of the East River, the Brooklyn skyline and the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. 
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 9, 2021
Inspired by a trip to Lourdes and the illness and death of a member of her cabaret group, Bryony Lavery’s play Last Easter is a funny and engaging exploration of life, death and friendship. After June, a theatrical lighting designer, is diagnosed with cancer, her three friends decide that an Easter road trip to France, which just happens to include a pilgrimage to Lourdes, is in order.
by Chantal Kunst - Jul 30, 2021
Legendary. A cult smash-hit. It took over 40 years to come to the Netherlands. Was it worth the wait?
by Sherry Shameer Cohen - Jul 3, 2021
Tiny house. Big commotion.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 29, 2021
In October 1938, Orson Wells broadcast a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. He converted the story of alien invasion into a series of dramatic news bulletins, which inadvertently inspired mass panic across America. This incident is seen by some as the original source of ‘fake news’. First seen in 2019, physical theatre duo Rhum + Clay’s clever adaptation now lands in the Rose Theatre this week as part of a new tour.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 24, 2021
Before Clueless or Mean Girls came Heathers, a cult 1988 film satirising the explosive consequences of painful social pressures in an American high school. Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy’s award-winning musical version now bounces back into the West End for a 12-week run with a brand new vigour.
by A.A. Cristi - Jul 23, 2021
The Resident Ensemble Players, the professional theatre company in residence at the University of Delaware, has announced its plans for 2021-2022. The upcoming season brings a sensational selection of virtual offerings in the Fall and, in early 2022, the REP's much-anticipated return to live performances!
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 21, 2021
In 1941 two leading physicists secretly met in Nazi-occupied Denmark to discuss the race between Hitler and the allies to create the nuclear bomb. These men were Werner Heisenberg, a German working on Hitler's bomb programme, and his old mentor Niels Bohr, a half-Jewish Dane with links to the United States’ nuclear programme. First seen in 1998, Michael Frayn’s fascinating but ultimately frustrating play, Copenhagen, explores several possibilities of what may have happened between the men.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 2, 2021
A play featuring string theory, beekeeping and the same scenes repeated numerous times might not be the easiest sell. However, this revival of Nick Payne’s contemplative and ingenious Constellations is smart, funny and exceptionally moving. The 70-minute drama explores love, life and death through the ever-changing story of a relationship and, in a flash of creative genius, has exploded back on to the West End with four different casts.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Jul 10, 2021
Shakespeare is such a constant in the theatrical cannon that there is often a desire to do something innovative with his work. Reinventing the Bard can provoke an eye-roll or two and Director Ola Ince’s new version of Romeo & Juliet at the Globe will certainly divide audiences. Ince choses to show the play from the aspect of mental health issues; the couple choose to die because they are mentally afflicted, rather than because they are in love.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Aug 30, 2021
The New York Youth Symphony Musical Theater Songwriting Program (NYYS) and Director Anna K. Jacobs have announced the 2021/2022 Season. Heading into its fourth season the NYYS Musical Theater Songwriting program is specially designed to lead students through a range of musical theater songwriting processes. 
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Aug 26, 2021
Cirque Beserk! is a circus with a very good pedigree. Founded by Martin Burton, the original Zippo The Clown, this entertaining and skillful production brings the traditional circus show into the modern age, using talent sourced from around the globe.
by Stephi Wild - Aug 26, 2021
In support of the people of Afghanistan, Windmill is donating the box office income of the 7:30pm performance of Amphibian on Saturday 25 September, with proceeds being donated to Baba Mazari Foundation.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Aug 19, 2021
Theatre has endured a truly torrid time during the pandemic, with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella delayed for a year and last month’s opening night called off at the last minute. However, the much-hyped show is now here and this irreverent take on the traditional fairytale is a joyful spectacle.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Aug 18, 2021
It’s been over four years since jukebox musical Jersey Boys was in the West End. The uplifting story of the rise of one of the most successful bands of the 1950s and 60s, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, now explodes back into London at the newly refurbished Trafalgar Theatre.
by Review Roundups - Aug 18, 2021
The world premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella will officially open tonight, 18 August. Read the reviews for the hotly anticipated new musical!
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Aug 16, 2021
New Georges announced today three upcoming theater projects for the Fall 2021 season—Future Wife: Party in a Spreadsheet created by ruth tang and Sarah Blush and performed entirely in Google Sheets; and two in-person shows as part of New Georges’ Supported Productions program.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Aug 13, 2021
Proud Embankment's Cabaret All Stars is back with a bang for another season of some the best burlesque, cabaret and circus acts in London at the moment. The company has an excellent reputation for the quality of its acts and has showcased a glitzy array of special guests in the past. On selected dates until the end of September, national treasure and all-round polymath Bill Bailey joins the show.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Aug 10, 2021
The Globe’s Artistic Director Michelle Terry has not had the easiest start to her tenure. Until a few weeks ago, she had not put on a live show since last March. Happily, with the summer season now in full swing and Groundling tickets returned, she now stars in the theatre’s joyful new production of Twelfth Night.
by Stage Tube - Apr 26, 2021
Adapted from the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, the film is based on a true story of negotiations between implacable enemies - the secret back-channel talks, unlikely friendships and quiet heroics of a small but committed group of Israelis, Palestinians and one Norwegian couple that led to the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Apr 23, 2021
The Importance of Being Earnest is probably Oscar Wilde’s best-known play. Now over a century old, the satirisation of society’s desire for wealth and status holds true today. Now adapted by Yasmeen Khan, the story moves to the north of a modern-day, multi-cultural England where the cast is focused on social media, numbers of followers and Nando’s.