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Disgraced - 2014 - Broadway

DISGRACED is the story of a successful Muslim-American attorney who has renounced his religion and secured a coveted piece of the American Dream. Living high above Manhattan's Upper East Side, he and his artist wife host an intimate dinner party that is about to explode. Witty banter turns to vicious debate, and with each cocktail comes a startling new confession, painting an unforgettable portrait of our perception of race and religion.

Reviewing DISGRACED at LCT3 for The New York Times, Charles Isherwood wrote:

"This rollicking new play by Ayad Akhtar is a continuously engaging, vitally engaged play about thorny questions of identity and religion in the contemporary world. The dialogue bristles with wit and intelligence. Mr. Akhtar puts contemporary attitudes toward religion under a microscope, revealing how tenuous self-image can be for people born into one way of being who have embraced another."


Running Time: One hour and 30 minutes

Lyceum Theatre (Broadway)

(New York, NY)
149 W. 45th St. Seating Chart

Featured Reviews For Disgraced

‘Disgraced’ Theater Review: Josh Radnor, Gretchen Mol Join Hari Dhillon for a Broadway Brawl - The Wrap
The theater might not have entertained such a party gone bad since George and Martha invited Nick and Honey over for drinks in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"...Akhtar comes at every question with guns firing from all four corners. Two minutes into the dinner party, his ethnic construct doesn't seem contrived. It recedes, the Indian -- and African American characters turn out to be the foursomes' bona fide conservatives, and soon there's much more violence on stage than ever entered the heads of George, Martha, and guests. But, and this is a significant "but," there's another 30 minutes to "Disgraced." Akhtar brackets his dinner party from the Ninth Circle with scenes between Amir and his nephew (Danny Ashok)...It's baffling and more than a little unsatisfying to have a minor character undergo the play's greatest metamorphosis and to do so offstage when the major characters are fighting it out onstage.

Josh Radnor plays a fine jerk, but ‘Disgraced’ remains a flawed play - NY Post
"Disgraced" was far from perfect when it opened off-Broadway two years ago, but it worked up to a point...Now "Disgraced" is back, with a new cast, on Broadway at that. But the bigger stage hasn't been kind to the show. Because the play seems like a PowerPoint lecture about current hot topics -- terrorism, Islam, Jews, religion, art -- it requires excellent acting. Pity the performances here are wildly uneven, and a couple of them are downright bad. Purists may look suspiciously at Josh Radnor...But Radnor's actually quite good as Isaac, a smarmy, smug Whitney Museum curator -- and Karen Pittman, the original cast's lone survivor, is even better as Isaac's no-nonsense wife, Jory. No, the problems are Hari Dhillon and Gretchen Mol. Inconveniently they play the leads, attorney Amir Kapoor and his wife, the WASP-y painter Emily. And they're never believable -- either as a couple or as, you know, people.



by Stage Tube - January 27, 2015
In the video below, Josh Radnor, currently starring in Disgraced on Broadway, shares how one remarkable teacher influenced his life and career in numerous ways. Check it out!