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Cousin Lucy - 1915 - Broadway


George M. Cohan's Theatre

(New York, NY)
1482 Broadway at 43rd St.
by Peggy Sue Dunigan - Feb 25, 2019
Anoka's Lyric Arts in the Main Stage Theater reprises a 200 year old tradition when the company stages Jane Austen's famous bestselling novel Sense & Sensibility--For the company's recent production, which opened on a February weekend, Director Natalie Novacek choose an adaptation by actor/playwright Kate Hamill, whom the Wall Street Journal awarded  Playwright of the Year in 2017. Known for her contemporary takes on classical novels, Hamill channels Austin's spirit by incorporating forty percent of her original text, and invokes sixty percent of Hamill's innovation to create the hybrid script. This method abridges the lengthy literary novel  and allows for immense interpretation where audiences will ultimately benefit and enjoy.