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Tahoe Art League at Sujata Tibrewala at Tahoe Art League


Sujata Tibrewala at Tahoe Art League

Tal Art Gallery , 3062 Lake Tahoe Blvd
Lake Tahoe ,CA 96150
Facebook Instagram
Phone: 901 871 3008

 Tahoe Art League in San Francisco

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At the upcoming Tahoe Art League which will bring together a diverse group of artists to show their artwork, Eco-feminist artist Sujata Tibrewala will be showcasing her water color Mandalas and Curvy Yoga figures. The 2021, artist studio tour will have the artist taking the audiences immerse into the ancient art of Mandalas. The intricate, circular patterns have been used as an aid to meditate in Eastern religions and date back their origin to ancient times. Tibrewala will take the audiences also through her series of curvy yoga, where she would showcase Indian princesses from the early era practicing yoga in their ethnic garb. The idea is to present Yoga in its original glory and not just a white washed version where yoga is seen practiced by slim looking women in contemporary gym wear. The artist continues her feminist streak through her works

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