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Siddhartha, the Bright Path at The Marsh


12/10/2010 - 1/9/2011


The Marsh

1062 Valencia Street
San Francisco,CA 94110

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Phone: 800-838-3006

Siddhartha, the Bright Path in San Francisco

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Prince Siddhartha's journey to become the Buddha is told in parallel with that of Chandra, a modern-day San Francisco girl who, surrounded by a mass of birthday party gifts, finds herself posing similar questions about the value of material things and the reasons for human suffering.

The two meet under the Bodhi tree, on the banks of the Ganges River, where Buddha helps her find her own brand of enlightenment. The show, written by Emily Klion, Lisa Quoresimo, Danny Duncan, is flavored with Indian music, art, kathak dance and a Bollywood dance scene.

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