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Dance Rush

1/11/2013 - 1/20/2013
Palace of Fine Arts
3301 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Running Time: 2 hours with one intermission

Dance Rush in San Francisco

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DANCE RUSH - THE SHOW is the most dazzling dance show ever staged; it touches hearts and astounds with fantastic choreography, cinematographic visual effects and elaborate costumes!! This brand new 90-minute mega-production brings together 40 high calibre dancers and a crew from the shining Islands of southern Europe - Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.
DANCE RUSH - THE SHOW first came to life in 2009 when Yada's Dance Company Director, Felix Busuttil, stumbled across a motion picture August Rush, the story of an orphaned child who channels his parents' existence through his amazing genetic ability to listen, re-create and master the music. Felix was so moved by the film's musical sensibility that he felt compelled to create a dance theatre piece. This story of a child's journey has been transformed by Dance Rush to express humanity's timeless and universal connection through music and movement highlighting Jazz Dance, Ballet, Folk and Contemporary styles.

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