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Chicken & Biscuits show poster

Chicken & Biscuits at Sunshine Brooks Theater

Dates: (3/8/2024 - 3/24/2024 )


Sunshine Brooks Theater

Oceanside Theatre Company

217 North Coast Highway
Oceanside,CA 92054

Tickets: $20-$45

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Directed by Kevin “Blax” Burroughs, the Southern California Premiere of Chicken & Biscuits by Douglas Lyons March 8 through March 24, reveals the rivalry between sisters Baneatta and Beverly when they come together to bury their father. Between Beverly’s flaunting of her “blessings” at the chapel, the accompaniment of Baneatta’s son by his neurotic Jewish boyfriend of whom she disapproves, and Beverly's overly inquisitive daughter poking into everyone’s business, the family is not so sure they can make it through the day without killing one another! Baneatta's pastor husband tries to mediate the family drama while officiating the funeral, but when a shocking family secret is revealed during the ceremony, the siblings are faced with a truth that could either heal or break them.

Sunshine Brooks Theater Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Brooks Theater is at 217 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside.

Sunshine Brooks Theater is at 217 North Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA.


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