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Level 2 Improv: Character Development and Scene Work show poster

Level 2 Improv: Character Development and Scene Work at Brooks Theater

Dates: (5/11/2024 - 6/29/2024 )


Brooks Theater

217 N Coast Highway
Oceanside,CA 92054

Phone: 7604333245

Tickets: $195

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  3. Level 2 Improv: Character Development and Scene Work

Build upon the foundations established in Level 1 and delve deeper into the art of improvisation as we learn how to build fun and engaging scenes. You will learn to create and embody memorable characters with an emphasis on the importance of building strong relationships within scenes. You will also learn how to make strong choices to heighten scenes. The final week of the 8-week class will be a show for friends and family. Prerequisite: Level 1 – Improv Fundamentals or the Equivalent

Brooks Theater Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Brooks Theater is at 217 N Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA.


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