Interview: Dancers Ioana Alfonso, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Kolton Krouse Talk About BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' at The Old Globe

Playing through June 5th

By: May. 05, 2022

Interview: Dancers Ioana Alfonso, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Kolton Krouse Talk About BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' at The Old Globe

Bob Fosse'S DANCIN' currently playing at The Old Globe opened to raving reviews- including one from us. Tackling a show that is a revival of an iconic work can be intimidating, but the talented performers make it seem easy. Three of the show's dancers, Ioana Alfonso, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Kolton Krouse talk about Fosse, working on the revival, and some of their favorite moments in the show. Bob Fosse'S DANCIN' is playing through June 5th at The Old Globe.

This is a world premiere revival of Fosse's show DANCIN' can be a daunting prospect, after all when you say "Fosse" it usually makes people think of a very specific look and style of dance. What these performers find fascinating about Fosse's style is not just its specificity, but also how intentional and diverse it is having taken inspiration from a variety of experiences.

"I think it's iconic because it's so intentional. In all of Bob Fosse's work, I find that nothing is arbitrary; everything has an intention. Bob Fosse was a master of this and his work spans so many unique influences. That's what makes it so special. I find nothing more thrilling as a dancer than embodying the work of someone who put so much care into every step." - Khori Michelle Petinaud

"Fosse really was inspired by the artists living around him. We have a section that is heavily influenced by modern dance and some tap dance sections that show his inspiration from The Nicholas Brothers. His movement can be so focused and held in and then explode out of nowhere and then be quiet again. I think that's what makes his choreography so iconic and exciting. He knew how to control where someone's eye would go." - Kolton Krouse

"His style is unmistakable, oozes sensuality while remaining powerful, invites the audience to engage with its wit, and takes risks visually with exaggerated moves, costumes and/or designs. He was a unique and one-of-a-kind artist". - Ioana Alfonso

Interview: Dancers Ioana Alfonso, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Kolton Krouse Talk About BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' at The Old Globe

Wayne Cilento, the show's Director and Musical Stager was a member of the original production and worked with Fosse on multiple occasions. Working with him on this show was a unique opportunity to honor Fosse and also create something new.

"It was an incredible experience getting to work with Wayne on this. Wayne is very specific on the intention and isolation of the movement while also letting us shine our own light on to each step. Watching him show us the choreography from "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Big Noise" was like watching a master class!

This experience would have not been possible without the help of Corinne McFadden Herrera and Lauren Cannon. They really helped keep the integrity of Bob's choreography while letting us breathe new life into his work and we're in the right hands to Wayne with the restaging!" -Kolton Krouse

"Wayne has such a passion for the specificity and clarity of the work while at the same time honoring who we are as individuals and it's incredibly thrilling to experience. He allows so much space for us to bring our uniqueness to the work because that's what Bob Fosse did for him. DANCIN' remains a very difficult and specific show but the reinvention comes from all the wonderfully unique people that Wayne and Corinne have brought together to bring it back to life in 2022!" - Khori Michelle Petinaud

"It's a real honor to not only work on Fosse's iconic material but to have a chance to do it with Wayne. He is a true champion and cheerleader for each individual's unique gifts while also making sure we stay true to the heart of Fosse's work as a company.

As a company, we were also given the gift of collaborating on a section of "America" where we were allowed the space to express ourselves in a safe environment and have a voice creatively. This has given us a personal connection that is rare for a revival, and a sense that we are a part of a process of creating a fresh version that is both authentically ours and true to the Original." - Ioana Alfonso

Interview: Dancers Ioana Alfonso, Khori Michelle Petinaud, and Kolton Krouse Talk About BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' at The Old Globe

Even though the show keeps all of the dancers focused, they each have their favorite parts that they love to watch.

"My top 2 are "Here You Come Again" and the "Big City Mine" ballet. Khori, Dylis Croman, Ron Rodorowski, Yani Marin, and Ioana are incredible performers and true triple threats, and getting to watch, learn, and be inspired by ALL of their choices in dancing, acting, AND singing is something you don't always get to experience. "Big City Mine" is fun because of the journey we take with little vignettes. And who doesn't want to watch Peter John Chursin go on a wild adventure through the city?" - Kolton Krouse

"If I had to pick one I would say that getting to give voice to my monologue, Percussion 1, is a real gift. I get to explore so many themes about dance, dancers, music, and Fosse himself that are also very personal to me. I don't take the opportunity for granted and cherish every time I get to do it." - Ioana Alfonso

Dance is always an impactful part of any show, and this show, with its talented ensemble of dancers, let everyone shine in a way that is not often seen in the standard musical and doesn't need to be anything other than a celebration of dance.

"Dance is the ultimate physical expression and it knows no bounds. It can carry a show all by itself and I hope people see that. Dancers are often the unsung heroes of Broadway and this show gives dancers the chance to step into the spotlight and shine!" - Khori Michelle Petinaud

Besides a love of dance, the performers hope the audience also walks away inspired to let their own uniqueness shine through after being inspired by what they just saw on stage.

"The main thing I hope to leave the audience with is to be yourself. No matter how or what people think of you, YOU are unique, special, and important to this world. Let your light shine." - Kolton Krouse

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