Ten Percent Revue 2002

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"TEN PERCENT REVUE" is the long-awaited CD release of Tom Wilson Weinberg's 1987 gay musical revue. Until now the show has been available to its fans on cassette only. "TEN PERCENT REVUE" enjoyed a 10-month run Off-Broadway at The Actors' Playhouse, then toured to over 50 cities, earning rave reviews and numerous awards along the way. The songs are performed by a talented cast of singers and have often been cited as a vibrant record of gay life in the 1980s. The song titles convey the flavor of the material, which is alternately humorous, satirical, romantic, political and poignant. The Advocate called the show "jubilant in its affirmation of gay and lesbian love, life and culture! Bright, original and joyous." The Boston Herald named it "one of Boston's ten best shows of the year" calling it "refreshingly clear-headed and wide ranging." The New York Daily News said, "Funny! Lively! Weinberg is a gifted lyricist and melodist". Time Magazine named the show a "criti! c's pick" announcing its arrival Off-Broadway as "a glimpse of gay life in lilting songs and wry, affecting lyrics". (See other reviews below.) Label:

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