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Dracula 2001

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The London Studio Concept Cast Recording starring Michael McCarthy (Dracula) and Stephanie Benavente (Mina) with Robert Fardell, Kit Orton, Alison Guill, John Barr, Christian Jon Billett, Alex Sangster and Steven Sparling. 17 tracks total: 1. Overture 2. I Am Condemned 3. The Proper Thing To Do 4. Within My World 5. This Is My Chance 6. It`s A Different World 7. I`m Really Not Insane 8. For The Good Of Mankind 9. In Your Eyes 10. When She Came Into My Life 11. The Lady In White 12. For The Angel You Are 13. She Devil, Nosferatu 14. Never To Die 15. Your Heart`s Desire 16. Those Dreams Of Long Ago 17. Finale Label:

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