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The Colored Museum at NC State University Theatre


11/13/2019 - 11/24/2019


NC State University Theatre


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Most people are unaware that when the first African slaves arrived in America in the area now known as South Carolina in 1526, immediate disputes over power between colony founders led to a slave revolt and eventually the dissipated the colony. Subsequently, leaders of the colony were stricken with a disease and died and the slaves sought refuge within neighboring Native American tribes, which included inter-marriage.

Had attempts at slavery ended there and Africans and other immigrants been allowed to freely migrate to America, there wouldn't have been a need for African-American Dramatist George C. Wolfe to pen the ground-breaking play "The Colored Museum" some four hundred and eighty-five years later in 1985.

That wasn't the case and in 1619, slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia and started the genesis of the legacy of slavery in North America as we know it today.

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