7 Kimono Styling Tricks Show

7 Kimono Styling Tricks Show

Dates: (4/28/2023 - 6/7/2024 )

Breathing Storytellers


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What could be better than a stylish kimono dress? It is easy to wear and effortlessly feminine, everything you need to create a look that is both classy and chic. Styling your kimono in the right way will have you looking ready for any event you have on your schedule. With a few accessories for the beach and a sash for brunch, there is so much you can do with this treasure trove of an outfit. 

Style Your Kimono the Right Way

Team your favorite kimono with other clothing pieces for a simple but stunning look. Don’t know where to get started? We’ve got you covered with the 7 basic tips for styling your kimono. Here are a few interesting ways you can style your women’s kimono


  • Bikini’s best friend

  • Kimonos with your dresses

  • Pair it with the regulars

  • Belt it for a dressy look

  • Accessorize your kimono

  • Try kimono cor-ords

  • The traditional kimono

Bikini’s best friend

Kimonos are popular cover-ups for beachwear. You can wear them over your bikini or swimsuit as you head to the beach or swimming pool. It gives you extra coverage from the sun as you have a fun time with your friends on vacation. Kimonos are also very lightweight, making them easy to carry around in your beach bag. Pack a few chiffon kimonos as you head out for your much-awaited summer beach holiday. 

Kimonos with your dresses

If you’re looking to layer your outfit, kimonos are the perfect choice. They add an extra charm to your fit without taking away from its overall aesthetic. You can wear your kimono with a well-fitted dress to incorporate a little flair into your look. Find kimonos in different color palettes that can complement your dress collection. 

Pair it with the regulars

You can add a kimono to your usual everyday outfits for an elegant and sleek look. Wear it over your favorite jeans and t-shirt as you go out to grab a coffee and look effortlessly chic and sophisticated. Don’t miss the opportunity to add a layer of allure to your outfit with an exquisite kimono.

Belt it for a dressy look

Kimonos come with belts and sashes that allow you to tie the garment around your waist. This accentuates your feminine figure and creates a stylish ensemble for your dinner parties and cocktail nights. During the spring and summer months, floral and pastel-colored kimono dresses make for an effortlessly graceful and fashionable outfit. Taking a yacht tour of Dubai? A kimono dress is your ideal companion. 

Accessorize your kimono

Pair your kimonos with boho-chic jewelry for a fun and exciting look. Accessories can make or break an outfit, and this applies to kimonos as well. Wear your kimono with beaded jewelry and a sun hat for the perfect summer ensemble. Add your sunglasses to the mix, and you’re sure to look straight out of a magazine cover. 

Try kimono cor-ords

Co-ords have been in vogue for some time now, and kimonos have not missed out on the trend. Kimono co-ords come with matching pants and a jacket kimono. You can wear it with a tank top in a complementary color for a casual yet flattering look. Kimono co-ords in a tailored fit can be worn to work for a comfortable yet professional appearance.

The traditional kimono

Get your hands on a traditional Japanese kimono for important events. It is a lovely way to promote the culture of the beautiful country while experimenting with your personal style and wardrobe. You might require assistance while wearing the traditional kimono if you’re not used to the attire. Pair it with traditional jewelry, and you’re ready to take a photo for your Instagram! 

Kimono Styles for Everyone 

Incorporating a kimono into your wardrobe is a versatile and fashionable choice to elevate all your outfits. By utilizing these 7 styling tricks, you can create various looks that range from casual to formal and everything in between. Whether you opt for a long, flowing kimono or a more structured, cropped style, the possibilities are endless. So, embrace this timeless and elegant garment, and experiment with these styling tips to make the most of your kimono wardrobe.


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