NO NEED FOR GOD by Peter William Clement is Available Now
by BWW News Desk - Feb 19, 2014

As science and our awareness of the world have changed, so have many of society's most dearly held perceptions. However, according to Dr. Peter William Clement, Catholicism seems to have ignored these discoveries and trends. Because Catholic theologians have failed to revise and rebuild the intellectual architecture of their faith or to accommodate new scientific discoveries, they are forced to maintain the now-irrelevant tenets of their religion. In his book 'No Need for God (Or for Catholic Theologians to Explain Him),' Dr. Clement presents the results of extensive research on the scientific and empirical evidence he believes have been ignored by Catholic theologians. (more...)

NO NEED FOR GOD Shows Contradictions Between Science and Catholic Beliefs
by BWW News Desk - Feb 6, 2014

Author Peter William Clement's new book, 'No Need for God' devotes itself to provide answers to the questions which people have tried to answer since the dawn of civilization: 'Where do we come from?' 'Where are we going to?' 'What are we here for?' 'What the hell's it all about?' In his belief that Catholic Theologians consciously fail to revise and rebuild the intellectual architecture of their faith and because they deliberately refuse to accommodate the discoveries of science, Clement bravely steps out to share his findings that contradicts what most theologians made all Roman Catholics believe. (more...)