Mara Hobel News

Date of Birth: June 18, 1971 (48)

Birth Place: New York, NY, USA
BWW Review: Rutanya Alda's MOMMIE DEAREST DIARY a Delicious and Honest Behind the Scenes Look at the 1981 Film
by Don Grigware - Jul 11, 2017

Remember the 1981 film of Christina Crawford's book Mommie Dearest? Do you remember the actress who played Crawford's invaluable and devoted assistant Carol Ann? It was Rutanya Alda, and she's written a day by day diary of the filming of this cult classic. How delicious! All the gossipy dirt about Faye Dunaway and everyone else connected to the movie like Diana Scarwid, Mara Hobel, Steve Forrest, Howard Da Silva and director Frank Perry. Alda is honest and tells it like it was. If Dunaway was pleasant, she says so; if she was in a bitchy mood, she paints that as well. (more...)

VIDEO: Trailer - BROADWAY DAMAGE Released on Blu-Ray Tomorrow, 4/30
by Stage Tube - Apr 29, 2013

'Broadway Damage' has just been remastered in strikingly vibrant Blu-ray to celebrate its happy-go-lucky 15th Anniversary and that time when hope brought us back onto the dance floor. Check out the trailer for Broadway Damage below! (more...)