Mae Edwards Writes Memoir STARLETTE & SAINT
by BWW News Desk - Jul 2, 2014

It's about being open to circumstances taking a turn for the better in the blink of an eye. Here in the story, I'm on a road trip hoping to 'find myself'. Who I find myself to be in authenticity is light-hearted and carefree. The worries and judgments of the world fall away. Being in the present moment, seeking no other destination than right now, I discover I am always home. And I also discover someone quite luscious waiting to share this epiphany with me. (more...)

by BWW News Desk - Jun 24, 2014

Starlette & Saint ~ A Memoir on Dualism illustrates the journey from an ego based person to one who is spiritually centered. Mae Edwards' memoir unearths her personal evolution through the song lyrics she has penned throughout the course of her life. This book of prose and self reflection reaches into the kind wisdom of the world's spiritual teachings as a means of finding inner peace and fulfillment. (more...)

Mae Edwards Receives HMMA Nomination for 'Anything Anymore'
by BWW News Desk - Feb 19, 2014

Multi-talented performer and author Mae Edwards ( snagged her first Hollywood Music In Media Award (HMMA) nomination for the song 'Anything Anymore' in the Adult Contemporary category. Edwards and other nominees will be honored at the ceremonies held at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014. The HMMAs honor music from visual mediums, individuals who create and produce it, and both mainstream and independent musicians from around the globe. (more...)

Author and Musician Mae Edwards Pens STARLETTE & SAINT: A MEMOIR ON DUALISM
by BWW News Desk - Jan 14, 2014

Mae Edwards is the creator of Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism. Starlette & Saint is a personal account of her spiritual journey and a study of the egotistical narcissistic self, versus the enlightened spiritual self. (more...)

Mae Edwards Debuts Multi-media Project 'Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism' Today
by BWW News Desk - Dec 1, 2013

In the late '80s, Mae Edwards ( was still years away from embarking on the powerful and life-changing spiritual journey that has come to define her music and artistic aesthetic. Perhaps sensing something big was coming, she wrote lyrics that perfectly captured her bold approach to life. (more...)

Mae Edwards to Debut Multi-media Project 'Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism', 12/1
by BWW News Desk - Nov 20, 2013

A Onetime Rocker on the Sunset Strip and Award-Winning Film Editor, Edwards Co-Produced Her Songs With Swedish Guitar Wunderkind and TV/Film And Game Composer Johnny Karlsson and Had Them Mixed By Eric Greedy (Barbra Streisand, Smashing Pumpkins, Kelly Clarkson) (more...)