Mae Edwards Writes Memoir STARLETTE & SAINT

Mae Edwards Writes Memoir STARLETTE & SAINT

Mae Edwards writes memoir: Starlette & Saint ~ A Memoir on Dualism.

Page 58, lyric excerpt from the song True Love by the Coffee Machine: Turn one corner / Open one door / And your life will never be the same / Just like that day / I found you there in that café"

True Love by the Coffee Machine is about the "suddenlys" in life.

It's about being open to circumstances taking a turn for the better in the blink of an eye. Here in the story, I'm on a road trip hoping to "find myself". Who I find myself to be in authenticity is light-hearted and carefree. The worries and judgments of the world fall away. Being in the present moment, seeking no other destination than right now, I discover I am always home. And I also discover someone quite luscious waiting to share this epiphany with me.

"Sugar and cream, if you know what I mean."

About Mae Edwards:

Mae Edwards is the creator of Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism. Starlette & Saint is a personal account of her spiritual journey and a study of the egotistical narcissistic self, versus the enlightened spiritual self. The book features lyrics and chord charts from the forthcoming companion CDs. Her commentaries reflect her years-long studies into numerous spiritual traditions (Christianity, Buddhism) as well as thought provoking references to folklore, world history, psychology, U.S. travel destinations and popular film. The book is can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes/Bookstore and the songs are available for download on her website. For more information on Mae Edwards visit,, and