2016 Tony Awards - The Nominees React - UPDATING LIVE!
by BWW Special Coverage - May 3, 2016

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BWW Reviews: Albee's Brilliant SEASCAPE at Theatre West
by Don Grigware - Sep 13, 2011

Edward Albee won a Pulitzer for Seascape in 1975, and it is no surprise. Concerned with uneven communication in relationships - like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and A Delicate Balance before it - Seascape shows a married couple at odds on how to spend their retirement. Not nearly as dysfunctional as George and Martha in Virginia Woolf, Nancy (Arden Teresa Lewis) and Charlie (Alan Schack) have quite a pleasant, even keel relationship, but, as in most, one mate eventually gives in passively to old age while the other wants to keep living. Charlie prefers 'to rest' whereas Nancy wants to explore new horizons as 'we've earned a little life.' Instead of introducing into the game another 'normal' couple like Nick and Honey in Woolf?, Albee throws caution to the wind, brilliant writer that he is, and pits Nancy and Charlie against two members of the animal kingdom, lizards Leslie (Paul Gunning) and Sarah (Kristin Wiegand) with hilarious, thought-provoking and exciting results. Theatre West is mounting a handsomely tailored and thoroughly intelligent production of Seascape, based on the trimmed down 2005 New York version. Direction, cast and production values are all first-rate. (more...)