Glee-Cap: The Role You Were Born To Play.
by Robert Lawlor - Nov 8, 2012

Glee's back bitches - you ready to tackle one of the most popular musicals of all time? No, not Shrek: The Musical - although, let's be real - the competition for Fiona would be FIERCE. I'd vote for Blaine - he'd kill it as a sassy ginger princess. Grease is still the word - isn't it? Can we get confirmation on that? Oh well, we go together, Gleeks! Let's get Grease Lightning on the road! Blaine is completely a mess after his break up with Kurt, leaving him completely unfocused on the upcoming auditions for Grease. Taking to Sandy's classic tune of "Hopelessly Devoted to You", Blaine lets his sorrows flow, impressing Finn and Artie, but the heartbroken former Warbler turns down the role of Danny due to his lack of focus and feeling like he couldn't possibly be able to emote love and romance at his current state, but taking Teen Angel into consideration. Finn, after being persuaded by Artie and surprise guests Mercedes and Mike, gets into directing the musical despite a shortage on possible Danny's. Meanwhile, Will and Emma turn to Coach Bieste for help with their rift left by their fight over Will going to Washington to join the Blue Ribbon panel for the Arts. After a little talking, Emma agrees to move with Will, and things are back on the up and up. (more...)

Harvey Evans and More Join Cast of Encores! 70, Girls, 70
by BWW News Desk - Mar 6, 2006

Harvey Evans and more performers have been added to the starry cast of Encores! upcoming 70, Girls, 70 (more...)