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Jordan B. Stocksdale


Castaways Face Down the Boca Grande - Alexis Krey as Ginger, Megan E. West as Mary Ann, Jordan B. Stocksdale as the Skipper, Brandon Bedore as the Professor, Sarah Melinda and Mrs. Howell, Steve Steele as Mr. Howell, and Joseph Waeyaert as Gilligan

Photo Flash: First Look at Way Off-Broadway's GILLIGAN'S ISLAND
Based on the iconic 60's TV comedy, seven castaways, shipwrecked on a remote Pacific island, build huts and begin to explore their surroundings. They discover strange hieroglyphics in a spooky cave, which speak of an ancient legend. The weather gets rough, Gilligan foils the best-laid of the castaway's rescue plans, romance develops, and the castaways have an out-of-this-world encounter! It's fun, wacky, and entertaining.

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