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Who Played Performer in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Byron Conner Off-Off-Broadway1979
Chuck Voigt Off-Off-Broadway1979
Clint Clifford Off-Off-Broadway1979
Craig Mason Off-Off-Broadway1979
Dale Furry Off-Off-Broadway1979
Diana-Jeanne Le Blanc Off-Off-Broadway1979
Ele Logan Off-Off-Broadway1979
Ginny Reinas Off-Off-Broadway1979
Jay Schneider Off-Off-Broadway1979
Julie Ann Fogt Off-Off-Broadway1979
Ken Gildin Off-Off-Broadway1979
Kristie Hannum Off-Off-Broadway1979
Lenore Fuerstman Off-Off-Broadway1979
Lois Diane Hicks Off-Off-Broadway1979
Maggie Anderson (i) Off-Off-Broadway1979
Mark Zimmerman Off-Off-Broadway1979
Mary Lou Belli Off-Off-Broadway1979
Michael Schilke Off-Off-Broadway1979
Ralph Bruneau Off-Off-Broadway1979
Stephen Gleason Off-Off-Broadway1979
Vance Mizelle Off-Off-Broadway1979
Yolanda Rubio Off-Off-Broadway1979
Christianne Tisdale Broadway2011
Grasan Kingsberry Broadway2011
Kendal Hartse Broadway2011
Patrick O'Neill Broadway2011
Philip Hoffman Broadway2011