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Who Played Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q

Anika Larsen Broadway2003
Aymee Garcia Broadway2003
Becca Ayers Broadway2003
Jennifer Barnhart Broadway2003
Kelli Sawyer Broadway2003
Mary Faber Broadway2003
Sarah Stiles Broadway2003
Stephanie D'Abruzzo Broadway2003
Jacqui Sanchez West End2006
Julie Atherton West End2006
Mary Doherty West End2006
Rebecca Lock West End2006
Anika Larsen Off-Broadway2009
Lexy Fridell Off-Broadway2009
Lisa Helmi Johanson Off-Broadway2009
Maggie Lakis Off-Broadway2009
Sarah Stiles Off-Broadway2009
Trista Dollison Off-Broadway2009
Veronica J. Kuehn Off-Broadway2009