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Who Played Bear in Avenue Q

Aymee Garcia Broadway2003
Becca Ayers Broadway2003
David Benoit Broadway2003
Howie Michael Smith Broadway2003
Jennifer Barnhart Off-Broadway2003
Jennifer Barnhart Broadway2003
Jodi Eichelberger Broadway2003
Jonathan Root Broadway2003
Leo Daignault Broadway2003
Matt Schreiber Broadway2003
Minglie Chen Broadway2003
Peter Linz Broadway2003
Rick Lyon Off-Broadway2003
Rick Lyon Broadway2003
Rob McClure Broadway2003
Sala Iwamatsu Broadway2003
Chris Thatcher West End2006
Jacqui Sanchez West End2006
Mary Doherty West End2006
Matthew J. Henry West End2006
Naana Agyei-Ampadu West End2006
Simon Gorton West End2006
Cullen Titmus Off-Broadway2009
Jamie Glickman Off-Broadway2009
Jason Jacoby Off-Broadway2009
Jed Resnick Off-Broadway2009
Katie Boren Off-Broadway2009
Kerri Brackin Off-Broadway2009
Lexy Fridell Off-Broadway2009
Lisa Helmi Johanson Off-Broadway2009
Maggie Lakis Off-Broadway2009
Michael Liscio, Jr. Off-Broadway2009
Rob Morrison Off-Broadway2009
Trista Dollison Off-Broadway2009