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Who Played Joanne in Company

Elaine StritchBroadway1970
Jane RussellBroadway1970
Jessica JamesBroadway1970
Sandra DeelBroadway1970
Sheila SmithBroadway1970
Vivian BlaineBroadway1970
Elaine StritchUS Tour1971
Julie WilsonUS Tour1971
Elaine StritchWest End1972
Renee RoyOff-Broadway1978
Barbara AndresOff-Broadway1987
Elaine StritchBroadway1993
Debra MonkBroadway1995
Sheila GishWest End1995
Lynn RedgraveWashington, DC (Regional)2002
Judith LightLos Angeles2004
Barbara Walsh2006
Barbara WalshBroadway2006
Renee Bang AllenBroadway2006
Patti LuPoneWest End2018
Patti LuPoneBroadway2021