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Who Played Aunt Eller in Oklahoma!

Betty GardeBroadway1943
Ruth WestonBroadway1943
Mary MarloUS Tour1951
Mary MarloBroadway1951
Mary MarloUS Tour1952
Mary MarloBroadway1953
Betty GardeOff-Broadway1958
Betty GardeOff-Broadway1963
Ruth KobartOff-Broadway1965
Margaret HamiltonBroadway1969
Lorraine ForemanBroadway1979
Mary WickesBroadway1979
Madge RyanWest End1980
Dilys LayeRegional (UK)1994
Maureen LipmanWest End1998
Andrea MartinBroadway2002
Audrie NeenanBroadway2002
Ginger ThatcherBroadway2002
Patty DukeBroadway2002
Beth LeavelSt. Louis, MO (Regional)2015
Mary TestaOff-Broadway2018
Mary TestaBroadway2019