Gender: Male

Patrick is a classically trained NYC based actor. Some past credits include Capulet (Romeo And Juliet, American Globe), Macduff/Duncan (Macbeth, American Globe), Sebastian (Tempest, Hudson Warehouse,) Poulin/Priest (Madame Tellier's Establishment, Mighty Theater), Tranio (Taming of a Shrew, Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot)), Houdini (Penny Dreadful, Third Lows). Patrick is also a voice over artists currently working with Aural Stage studios who's most recent collaboration as Mr. Bradley (Intensive Care) helped garner a coveted Gold Ogle Award and is a Finalist Nomination Parsec for a Award. Patrick is a trained stage combatant. He's studied multiple weapons including rapier, dagger, broadsword, cutlass/sabre, quarter staff as well as hand to hand combat. He also has training in clown and has studied under Mark Gindick and Barry Lubin. He's a proficient juggler and can also ride the unicycle to the delight of most of the people in his neighborhood.