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BWW Blog: The (Living) Room Where It Happened

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Hi BroadwayWorld! Welcome back! How many times have you streamed Hamilton since it's ground breaking premiere on Disney+?! I know for me it's become a habit to even just put it on in the background now. It's crazy because I've seen it live in NYC and have seen the first national tour when it came to Orlando several times; however, there's something special about seeing the original cast so close and on my television screen!

Like every musical, I know everyone has their favorite moments. When watching each time, I'd notice some new things that I'd never noticed when watching before. Personally, it's so difficult to choose a favorite part in this spectacular musical, but I'd have to say the moments in the songs Helpless and Satisfied stick out to me the most. I feel as though this is the part in the musical where we start to learn of the importance of the chemistry and overall relationships between many of the characters. Not to mention, it is INCREDIBLY staged and written. I mean just take a listen to those lyrics! The staging of when Rewind is repeated with the performers on the turntable in the center is absolutely genius! Also when I think of the fact that Angelica set up her sister with the man whom she laid eyes on first and also loved, I get chills because it is such a tender and genuine moment. Angelica realizes how happy Eliza is, but then it is at the transition to Satisfied at their wedding where Angelica shares her internal monologue with the audience saying that she "might regret that night for the rest of my days." That really triggers all the emotions and thoughts there. Especially when she ends on the fade out of "I'll never be satisfied." Just WOW.

I could literally go on and on about all of my favorite moments. There's too many to name! But I think this one in particular captures many viewers.

Anyway, there has been an article circulating the media from JC Payne's Facebook and many other blogs upon the premiere that has come to my attention about Ariana DeBose's character. Who knew before this that her character in the ensemble was known as "The Bullet?" Was it all planned that she is the first to die right after the song "You'll Be Back?" Because then it is said that after this, her character becomes sort of a representation of death throughout the plot. She carries several shots and is always a minor part of many if not all of the deaths that occur on stage. Check out his post or others for all the symbolism behind it. It absolutely BLEW MY MIND. Isn't it crazy how many of the roles in this show have some sort of backstory/play multiple characters throughout the telling of the story?! Once again, intelligently thought out.

BWW Blog: The (Living) Room Where It Happened
Here's one of my favorite memories
of getting a backstage tour and
standing on the stage where it happens.
What a dream come true!

Shifting gears here to cover a little bit of everything in this article...what kind of watch parties did you all have for the premiere?! I've seen some really creative ones that even featured dishes that were served with puns named after the show. An example of this was, HamBURRgers. (Ha!)

I know I didn't make it to stay up until 3am to be amongst the first of the viewers, but I did follow many of the cast member's posts and stories on social media. I had the pleasure of introducing my parents to this musical. Had it not been set available to stream, I don't think it would've ever captivated their interest, but I'm happy to say they absolutely LOVED it. Of course, with subtitles and a little pausing for explaining. I mean if you've never heard of the plot, listened to the songs, or are super familiar with that time in history, it can be hard to follow on a first try, but they certainly didn't throw away their shot there! I loved getting to witness someone experiencing it for the first time and look forward to exposing more people to this incredible work of musical theatre now available at our fingertips for our leisure. Did you cry?! Because I certainly gets me every time!

Finally, I want to close with sharing a story of the day I met the genius behind this awe striking musical. I was attending another musical on Broadway, and he was sitting right behind me. I loved that a man of his greatness was sitting in the theatre amongst many others, and he was experiencing, enjoying, and supporting another beautiful work in the industry for the first time just as I was. At intermission, he was recognized by many to no surprise and was such a good sport about it, so I took only a second of his time right before the curtain rose again to shake his hand and all I could get out to say was Thank You. Lin Manuel Miranda not only told the story of our country's history, he made musical theatre history. And now everyone gets to experience it from their own couches. I think it's exactly what everyone needed at this time.

Have a great week and see you soon! Thanks for dropping by!

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