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"The Imposter" produced by The New Guard Theater at Atwater Village Theatre


1/31/2018 - 2/25/2018


Atwater Village Theatre

3269 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles,CA 90039
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The Imposter produced by The New Guard Theater in Off-Off-Broadway

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In a radical interpretation of Molière’s classic, New Guard Theater Company’s production of The
Imposter finds new relevance for age-old characters in a starkly contemporary setting.

After making a shady deal with the government, billionaire CEO Orgon Pernelle eagerly welcomes pious
drifter Tartuffe into his house, hoping for guidance to fill his vacuous life. He ignores his family and
adviser’s warnings that Tartuffe is nothing more than a scam-artist, and invites him deeper and deeper
into his confidence.

While Orgon is taken in by the imposter’s facade, his wife sees through it to the underlying threat to
their family and business. What will it take for Orgon to see the truth? How far must Elmire go to save
her family?

The Imposter is an exploration of the relationship between men and power, men and women, and the
dangers of unquestioned authority. It investigates the chilling ways archetypal masculinity can send toxic shock waves through families, communities and cultures.

Week 1
Wed, 1/31 - Preview @ 8 PM
Fri, 2/2 - Preview @ 8 PM
Sat, 2/3 - Opening Night @ 8 PM
Sun, 2/4 - Show @ 6 PM

Week 2
Wed, 2/7 - Show @ 8 PM
Fri, 2/9 - Show @ 8 PM
Sat, 2/10 - Show @ 8 PM
Sun, 2/11 - Show @ 6 PM

Week 3
Fri, 2/16 - Show @ 8 PM
Sat, 2/17 - Show @ 8 PM
Sun, 2/18 - Show @ 6 PM

Week 4
Wed, 2/21 - Show @ 8 PM
Fri, 2/23 - Show @ 8 PM
Sat, 2/24 - Show @ 8 PM
Sun, 2/25 - Closing Night @ 6 PM

The Cast:
Sunkrish Bala
Alison Korman
Kira Powell
Carter Scott
Anthony Sorrells
Cliff Weissman
Alec Wilson

Featured Company Members:
Alana Dietze
Will Harris
Aaron Leddick
Jeremy Radin
Dan Stevens

Crew and Artists:
Director: Satya Bhabha
Assistant Director: Nic Murphy
Scenic Design: Tristan Jeffers
Costume Design: Elena Flores
Lighting Design: Dan Weingarten
Sound Design: Cricket Myers
Stage Manager: Derek Copenhaver
Poster and Graphic Design: Pyper Wyndavies
Violence: Ned Mochel
Publicity: Shanae Sharon
Marketing: Joanna Pawlowska
Producer: Nick Thurston
Co-Producer: Jaclyn Kalkhurst

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