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Stella, Come Home at HEREArts Center


8/6/2022 - 8/7/2022


HEREArts Center

Et Alia Theater

145 Sixth Avenue
New York,NY 10013
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Stella, Come Home in Off-Off-Broadway

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Stella, Come Home is a dance-theater piece that translates the iconic American play A Streetcar Named Desire into movement and dance through the bodies of Et Alia Theater Company's international women. We feel urged to explore what it means to perform this pinnacle of US theater as immigrant women in New York City, one of the most heterogeneous cities in the world. Just as a reality-stricken Blanche longs for a return to her imagined Belle Reve, we are outsiders going through the painful struggle of letting go of our past, while the promised land of NYC forces us to face our truth: culturally diverse women still have to fight to claim their space.
Ages: Recommended for audiences 12+.

HEREArts Center Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HEREArts Center located?
HEREArts Center is at 145 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY.

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