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Party Killer- An Immersive Whodunit Comedy show poster

Party Killer- An Immersive Whodunit Comedy at Asylum NYC

Dates: (6/13/2024 - 6/15/2024 )


Asylum NYC

123 E. 24th Street New York, New York
Manhattan,NY 10010

Phone: 6463162000

Tickets: $50-75

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Party Killer- An Immersive Whodunit Comedy

PARTY KILLER is an Immersive whodunnit comedy adventure, inviting the audience to solve the murder of an iconic figure during a raucous film premiere. Coming off the heels from its one-year run at Future Proof Building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this BIPOC murder mystery got a heavy revamp for Manhattan at the Asylum NYC!

June 13th 7pm and June 15th 3pm 2024

Formally known as  “The Art of Killin It,” this mystery focuses on a documentary viewing party gone wrong. The show allows you to explore 2 floors to look for clues, touch props, talk with the characters to gain information, and laugh while doing it!

For our previous fans, this story has new twists and turns, new characters, and new endings. Come see us for the first time or join us for another Killer night.

One VIP ticket includes one drink, access to a private room on the second floor, free merch and an option to play a character in the show!

Created: Jordon Waters

Written: Jordon Waters and Stephanie Marrow

Producers: Jordon Waters, Amber Ink, Ruben St.Vilus and Asylum Nyc

Associate Producers: Eric Lockley, Odion-Victoria Igbavboa and Christian Roberts

Sound Designer: Matthew Soares

Lighting Designer: Odion- Victoria Igbavboa

Props Designer: Amber Ink

Composer: Mitchel Noble

Stage Manager: Odion- Victoria Igbavboa

Actors: Nathaniel Tomb, Anita Moreno, Wilson Aldas, Tykeya O’Neil, Donnell Smith, Emanual Rodriguez, Carly Wheeler and Jordon Waters.  

Party Killer- An Immersive Whodunit Comedy at Asylum NYC Schedule

You will be immersed the moment you walk in!


Cast and Creative team for Party Killer- An Immersive Whodunit Comedy at Asylum NYC


Nathaniel Tomb

Cheryl E. Locke

Anita Moreno

Miss. Blanc

Wilson Aldas

Captain Blaze

Donnell Smith

Sir Nigel

Tykeya O’Neil

Madame Royale

Emanuel Rodriguez


Jordon Waters


Odion-Victoria Igbavboa


Carly Wheeler


Creative Team

Jordon Waters



Art Director, Producer

Ruben St.Vilus


Stephanie Marrow


Eric Lockley

Associate Producer

Christian Roberts

Associate Producer

Asylum NYC

Associate Producer

Matthew Soares

Sound Designer

Mitchel Noble


Asylum NYC Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Asylum NYC is at 123 E. 24th Street New York, New York, Manhattan, NY.

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