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2/19/2021 - 3/17/2021


GCG Theatrical

Online Only
Irvine, 92612

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Phone: 9494333673


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GCG Theatricals to Stream Encore replay of FRANKENSTEIN: A NEW MUSICAL on Facebook and YouTube for FREE

With Special permission from Composer Mark Baron and Book and Lyricist Jeffrey Jackson, GCG Theatricals will once again stream their acclaimed virtual/social distanced production of "Frankenstein: A New Musical" from February 19th through March 17th.

Unlike the original screening on February 12th, this video will be presented without the 5 minute intermission break, though the break between Acts is still clearly defined.

GCG Theatricals, a startup musical theatre production company in Orange County, CA, previously premiered "Frankenstein", on February 12th.

The trailer and event information can be viewed at

"GCG Theatricals inaugural production of Chess The Musical last year was a complete success," says Garrett Chandler, founder and director of GCG Theatricals. "Through the enthusiastic support of our patrons we were able to pay the licensing fees, put a modest stipend into the pockets of several talented and out of work actors, and pay for the licensing fee for this next production, a thrilling musical adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

With period costumes, a 1700s setting, visual effects involving lightning and fire, GCG Theatricals has upped the ante to create the atmosphere for this gripping tale of Horror, Revenge, and ultimately Love.

"I am dumbstruck by the creativity and devotion of my team. From costume designer, Victoria Serra, making a stunning wedding gown out of a corset and a trip to the fabric store, to Nicholas Sloan (Victor), setting the mood of a ships cabin with a wooden headboard, candles and a battery powered prop lantern.

All expenses are paid out of pocket, relying on donations from the audience to cover costs and pay the actors and design team, "It's a risk to present our productions for free," Chandler explains, "Almost like offering guests a multi-course dinner and paying for the meal by suggested donation, but Art and Theatre is essential and must be accessible to as many as possible, especially during these times. We hope for every person who cant donate, there is a generous soul who will donate even more so that everyone can continue to enjoy productions like these."

"Frankenstein: A New Musical" premiered in 2007 as an off-Broadway production, with music by Mark Baron, Book and Lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson, based on an adaptation by Gary P. Cohen. It starred Hunter Foster, Steve Blanchard, and Christiane Noll.

With earnest ballads and soaring ensemble numbers, this compelling musical brings the suspense and romance of the classic tale to life in a uniquely faithful, yet thoroughly innovative adaptation of Mary Shelley's original novel. In his quest to discover the secret of lie, Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, creates a human of his own design that turns out to be a horrifying beast. This is no "Hollywood monster," but a flesh-and-blood man who, while terrifying in appearance, grows to become articulate, cunning, and thirsting for revenge upon the creator who abandoned him. A tragic love story and exploration of humanity, Frankenstein, A New Musical, breathes new life into the world-renowned story of man and creator pitted against one another in epic battle.

GCG Theatricals plans on producing two more musicals this year. Those who would love to see more virtual productions, should consider donating. The performance is free, but contributions to support the arts can be made at

"One day we hope to bring this company to the stage, with an audience sitting in front of us to once again share in the magic, joy, and community experience of Live Theatre," says Chandler. "Unfortunately when that time comes, we will have to start thinking about the lower half of our costumes."


Victor Frankenstein - Nicholas Sloan
The Creature - Garrett Chandler
Elizabeth Lavenza - Michelle Chaho
Henry Clerval - JoeJoe McKinney
Justine Moritz - Brooke Lewis
William Frankenstein - Brennan Esguerra
Alphonse Frankenstein - Joel-Steven
Captain Walton- Alden Bettencourt
Agatha - Jamie Leigh Walker
Caroline Frankenstein - Natasha Grach

Costumes & Marketing -Victoria Serra
Props/Asst. Director - Elza Hofeld
Director/Editor - Garrett Chandler

Ages: Ages 10 and Up

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