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13 Suits: A Mother's Monologues at The Outer Loop Theater Experienc


2/26/2021 - 2/28/2021


The Outer Loop Theater Experienc

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The Outer Loop Theater Experience has announced 13 Suits: A Mother's Monologues, FEBRUARY 26-28th, 2021. The 11-year-old nonprofit theater company, known to its faithful New York followers as "that innovative arts-for-action group," have taken their responsibility as artists and citizens to the next level, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From The Outer Loop Theater Experience, Dr. Dawn Lipson and The Estate of Patrick Duff, comes 13 Suits: A Mother's Monologues. Walking home late one DECEMBER night, Patrick is struck by a young woman who was at two bars before the accident. The driver flees the scene, and only after 90 minutes and 17 phone calls to relatives and lawyers, is she finally persuaded to call 911. But it's too late. Patrick is dead, at age 30. And given the delay in reporting the incident, his "organ donor" status is no longer relevant.

Based on actual events, 13 Suits: A Mother's Monologues is a LIVE documentary theatrical experience, crafted from a mother's reflections after losing her son. In a Laramie Project meets Twilight meets Vagina Monologues-style event, the play draws on dozens of poetic personal accounts, touching stories, and powerful statistics, to help weave a timely and poignant cautionary tale... one of grief, loss and healing, in the wake of seemingly insurmountable tragedy.

Managing Director Rachael Yoder, described the project, "We usually produce our shows in person, but due to the ongoing pandemic, and in order to make sure everyone stays safe and well, we're going virtual. We hope you'll join us for this important theatrical experience."

This event is donate what you can. The Outer Loop suggests a donation of $20 per person... are happy to receive more... and grateful to receive any amount you can afford. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Niskayuna Community Action Program. NCAP is a volunteer, community coalition whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all those living, working, or learning in the Town or School District of Niskayuna, with an emphasis on substance use prevention by youth.

There will be a live moderated discussion after every performance. The show runs approximately 60 minutes.

Tickets and donation info available via:

For more information please visit The Outer Loop website:

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