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Treasure Island show poster

Treasure Island at The Center at West Park

Dates: (3/6/2024 - 3/10/2024 )


The Center at West Park

Dartboard Productions

165 W 86th St
New York,NY 10024

Tickets: $35 (Student/Artist Discount Available)

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Treasure Island, written and directed by Adam Brett, at the Center at West Park

Join us for a swashbuckling ride into the high seas with "Treasure Island," a coming-of-age tale where the hunt for buried treasure becomes an exploration of sacrifice, discovery, redemption, and ultimately healing. We aim to bring this classic story to life, challenging the very essence of adventure. Is the age-old quest for "buccaneers and buried gold" still relevant today? Is the pursuit of treasure worth the personal cost? 

As epic sword fights and bombastic sea shanties unfold, our rag-tag crew navigates treacherous waters, faces mutiny, and confronts the ghosts of pirates past in their relentless pursuit of riches.

This isn't just a retelling; it's a contemporary exploration of courage, camaraderie, and the timeless allure of hidden treasure. So, embark with us on this high-energy escapade — where the legacy of Treasure Island meets the spirit of a new generation. Get ready for a spectacle that proves some stories are, indeed, worth retelling.



Nicholas Biddle, Adam Brett, Isabella Briggs, Isabella Campos, Jonathan Champion, Emily S. Chang, Ayana Cymone, Jackson Eick, Mikael Gemeda-Breka, Chattan Mayes Johnson, Ava Mingo, Valentino Musumeci, Akul Kaul Narang, Amanda Patra, Jason Sanchez, Cheyenne Springette, and Henry Thrasher.


Writer/Director/Choreographer: Adam Brett

Associate Director: Samantha Ozeas

Stage Manager: Lucy Murphy

Costume Designer: Paola Castañeda

Fight Director: Julianna Austin

Hair and Mask Designer: Iana Dobreva 

Lighting Designer: Willem Hinternhoff

Scenic Designer: Mengyi Liu

Sound Designer: Sebastian Gutierrez

Music Director/Composer/Musicians: Nicholas Biddle & Akul Kaul Narang

Marketing Director: Amanda Patra

Marketing Designer: Mikael Gemeda-Breka

Props Master: William Blackman

Production Managers: Jackson Eick & Ava Mingo

HR Representative: Isabella Briggs

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