FLUFFY THE PINE Puts Down Roots at The Wild Project

An environmentally-friendly dysfunctional-family holiday musical running from December 7-10, 2023.

By: Nov. 25, 2023
FLUFFY THE PINE Puts Down Roots at The Wild Project

SUPA Entertainment and Forager Theatre Company will present the original work of “Fluffy the Pine” with book, music and lyrics by pop music duo Susan Paroff and Nikki Sorrentino. They have collaborated on songs for sync placement in film and tv across platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Universal, WWE and Fox. Fluffy the Pine is based on a story by Susan Paroff, Sean Paroff, Allison Jacobs. This production will take the stage at The Wild Project from December 7-10th. 

“Fluffy the Pine” is a campy pop musical comedy that promises to captivate audiences with its high-octane music, hilarious characters, and heartfelt story. We follow Fluffy from a rural tree farm in Alaska to the Big Apple, where Fluffy must convince the dysfunctional Crude family that their newly created, edible plastic is bad for the world. With the help of Hannah the Hanukkah Bush and Tarry the Tall, Fluffy embarks on a magical adventure to show the world what real trees can do.

Fluffy the Pine premiered in 2019 at The Producer's Club in NYC with a free public production fostering a community of fans eager to see Fluffy's return this year.

PERFORMANCES: Thursday December 7th @ 8pm, Friday December 8th @ 8pm, Saturday December 9th @ 2pm & 8pm, Sunday December 10th @ 2pm.

CREATIVE TEAM: Director/Executive Producer, Susan Paroff. Co-Director/Co-Producer/Associate Choreographer, Jennie Hughes. Musical Director, Alex Parrish; Producer and Marketing Director, Iris Rodrigo. Choreographer, Keith Sanga Alexander; Set/Prop Designer, Milan Eldrigde; Costume Designer, Michelle Humphrey; Lighting Designer, Daniel Hughes; Projections Designer, Lola Vira.

CAST: The production will star Myriam Zamy as Fluffy, Sarah Hogewood as Hannah, Eliana Rubin as Tarry, Danielle Koenig as Farber, Nikki Sorrentino as Mrs.Crude, Grant Dombach as Bobby Crude, Joe Guccione as Mr. Crude, Nikki Neuberger as Annabelle Crude, Victoria Chen, Tiffani Grace, Adrienne Ianniciello and Beatriz Coronel round out the cast in multiple roles with Elsie Keeley as Cast Swing.

LOCATION: The Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009)

TICKETS: To reserve $30 tickets, visit the link below or contact (212) 228-1195.