THE AWESOME 80'S PROM - Webster Hall Non Equity Auditions

Posted: June 25, 2012
Audition Location: New York, NY

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Seeking Performers


Have YOU ever wanted to go back in time? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your high school was just like the high schools in all those 1980s teen flicks? Do YOU want to be a part of the wildest interactive show on the Strip?


Now is your chance!


We are looking for performers and people with personality who want to have fun. The setting is a High School Prom in 1989, and all of the characters one would anticipate seeing from a John Hughes film are in it! So dust off your Reeboks, slip on a Members Only Jacket, practice your Moonwalk, and come on down! 


This is an audience-interactive show. Some parts require specific looks or abilities, but there's something for just about everyone.

The production is being directed by Ken Davenport, the creator of the show currently running Off-Broadway. Actors are paid $60 per performance.




Your most recent headshot
A resume
If you have a video, send that as well   




Men and Women of various ages (Prefer over 18+, though younger people may be considered)
Experience with interactive, improvisational performance is a plus but is NOT a requirement! 


* Blake - The Captain of the Football Team. A Charming, egotistical jock. Think "Jake" in 16 Candles.
* Louis - The Nerd. Introverted, computer geek. Think Michael Hall in 16 Candles.
* Fender - The Bad Boy. Mean, defensive, loud. Think Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.
* Michael Jay - The Class President. A young Republican/born politician. A Guy-Smiley game show host type. Think Michael J. Fox on Family Ties.
* Feung - The Asian Exchange Student. Charismatic, speaks little English. Think Long Duk Dong in 16 Candles.
* Dickie The Drama Queen - Flamboyant, fabulous and bitter. Sings "Don't Rain on My Parade" like Barbara Streisand. Think Ducky in Pretty in Pink mixed with Jack from Will & Grace.
* Beef - A football player. Big and intimidating, but not too bright. Think Chris Farley
* Mr. Snelgrove - The Principal. A fascist dictator. Think the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
* The Heathers - Cheerleader #1 and #2. Whitley's back up cheerleaders. Must cheer/dance. ALL DANCERS WITHOUT ACTING EXPERIENCE BUT FUN PERSONALITIES ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION.
* Kerrie - The Spaz. Petite. A sweet but hyper nerd. In love with Blake. Surprisingly cute, once she removes the glasses and headgear.
* Missy - The Head of the Prom Committee. Perfect. Way too perky. Think Reese Witherspoon in Election.
* Whitley - The Head Cheerleader. Attractive, sexy, bitchy, and vain. Thinking "Heathers." Must cheer and dance. ALL DANCERS WITHOUT ACTING EXPERIENCE BUT FUN PERSONALITIES ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION.
* DJ Johnny Hughes - The DJ. Extremely charismatic host who can warm up a crowd. Runs dance contest, etc. Stand-up comedians, karaoke hosts, etc. all encouraged to audition. Must have high energy and an infectious energy that can keep a party going.
* Inga - The Swedish Exchange Student. Tall and voluptuous. Speaks with a heavy accent. 
* Mrs. Lascalzo - The Drama Teacher. A leftover hippie who loves everyone. A little clueless.
* Molly Parker - A freshman. A member of the Freshman Cheerleading Squad and the yearbook committee.
* Lloyd Parker - Her twin (less cool) brother.
* Mystery Guest - A 1980's celebrity impersonator (i.e. Madonna, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Prince). Performs (or lip syncs) one song at the height of the PROM. 


THE AWESOME 80s PROM will be a resident production, produced by Sirc Michaels and directed by the show's creator, Ken Davenport. 

It will have an open-ended run beginning in July 2012 at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood. Performers will be expected to perform between 6 shows per week. This is a non-union, paid gig. The show runs Monday - Saturday, dark on Sunday, at 8pm nightly. Performers are paid $60 / performance.

If you have additional questions please contact us at:

THE AWESOME 80s PROM is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.


About Us

Sirc Michaels Productions offers several types of live entertainment:

A) Shows designed for the enjoyment of Las Vegas locals put in spots frequented by the denizens of Sin City but not often seen by tourists

B) Productions designed for tourists looking to get a taste of what Sin City has to offer in entertainment and unforgettable experiences without clowns, magicians, or circus acts

C) Events and productions designed for everyone to take advantage of special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, or - in the case of 2012 - the End of the World Party on December 21st

Sirc Michaels Productions works with the finest performers, technicians, directors, and designers to create unforgettable live entertainment. Unlike companies that bring in talent from out of the area or even overseas, Sirc Michaels Productions believes that the talent base in Las Vegas is vibrant and diverse enough to support any needs that arise for its productions. 

Keeping with that philosophy, all auditions are open to the public and anyone interested in becoming a part of the excitement is encouraged to try out. First consideration is given to performers who live in Las Vegas. This gives undiscovered talent a real opportunity to find a pathway to a career in the arts.


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