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Posted: September 19, 2017
Audition Location: White Plains, NY

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Little Radical Theatrics (Fatima Viegas, Executive Producer) Auditions for "Shrek" are one month away!

Directed by Michael Mirra, Musical Direction by Steve Loftus. Choreographed by Jennifer Silverman


October 18th and 19th at ArtsWestchester 31 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains NY from 6-9 PM. 

Callbacks (by invitation only) October 21st at the Grinton Will Library  1500 Central Park Ave  Yonkers NY

To make an audition appointment please e-mail with your preferred date and time for the audition.  Walk-ins will be seen but appointments HIGHLY recommended.

Multiple performance opportunities for actors all ages 10 to 65+!

Performances January 12th-14th (4 performances)  at the Grinton Will Library (snow dates following weekend)

Rehearsal start late October/early November. Generally rehearsals run weeknights from 6-9 PM or 7-10 PM at either ArtsW or at the Grinton Will library. Some sporatic weekend afternoons possible.. Exact schedule and time commitment will depend on the role and actor's availability



SHREK (Male, Adult – High Baritone / Tenor) - Our story's title character. A big, green, terrifying ogre who lives alone in a swamp. He embarks on a journey to rid his land of fairytale creatures and, along the way, falls in love with Fiona. Begins as a grumpy hermit, but reveals his layers and eventually becomes the hero. Excellent singer and actor.* 

PRINCESS FIONA (Female, Adult – Soprano / High Belter) - The  princess of Far-Far-Away, she transforms into an ogre every night when the sun sets. Rescued by Shrek and eventually falls in love with him. Quirky, blunt, and multitalented, she is not an ordinary princess. Excellent singer actor  with great comic timing and who can move very well.*

DONKEY (Male Adult – High Baritone / Tenor ) - A talking donkey who joins Shrek on the run from Farquaad's guards. Quite the chatterbox, he is not deterred by Shrek's looks and practically forces himself into his good graces. Easily frightened and pushy, but also an optimist with heart. Excellent singer and comic actor with a huge personality.*

LORD FARQUAAD (Male, Adult – High Baritone) - The comically short, ruthless ruler of Duloc. He is in search of a princess to marry so that he can become king. Has an intensely unfair bias against fairytale creatures that stems from a resentment of his father. Self-absorbed, lonely, and cruel. Excellent singer and comic actor. Actor must be able to play this role on his knees for the whole show.*

DRAGON  (Female, Adult – Mezzo with Big Belt) - A dragon that has been charged with guarding Princess Fiona in her isolated castle. She eventually falls in love with Donkey and attempts to keep him there forever. Imposing and flirtatious, but tired of her job as the glorified baby-sitter.  A true Disco DIVA with some Dreamgirls thrown in. Excellent singer with gospel and pop influences. 

PINOCCHIO (Male Adult – Tenor) - The leader of the fairytale creatures. Although portrayed by a live actor, Pinocchio is an animated puppet whose nose grows every time he lies. Plenty of sass with a penchant for lying, he leads the troupe of Fairytale Creatures in the musical numbers. *

GINGY/SUGAR PLUM FAIRY (Female Teen or Adult - Soprano Belter):  A gingerbread man initially kidnapped by Lord Farquaad. His wit and resolution help him both avoid trouble and inspire the rest of the fairytale creatures. This character is portrayed with a puppet, which will be voiced and operated by actor appearing as Sugar Plum Fairy. Must have a strong belt with riffing abilities and must be able to do a character voice. Sugar Plum Fairy has many featured solos throughout. 

MAMA OGRE/MAMA BEAR (Female, Adult - Alto) - Shrek's mother. Sings a beautiful duet with Papa Ogre to young Shrek in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World.” Will double with Mama Bear who has large solo parts in "Story of My Life" and "Freak Flag". Must be an extremely strong singer with riffing abilities. 

PAPA OGRE/PAPA BEAR (Male, Adult – High Baritone) - Shrek's father. Sings a beautiful duet with Mama Ogre to young Shrek in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World. Will double with PAPA BEAR. Strong character actor with a strong voice. 

YOUNG FIONA (Female, Age 10-14 – Soprano with Strong Belt) - Princess Fiona as a little girl. Sings a solo in “I Know It’s Today” with Teen Fiona and Fiona. Will double with a Fairytale Creature and a Dulac Citizen

TEEN FIONA  (Female, Teen – Soprano with Strong Belt) - Princess Fiona as a teenager. Sings a solo in “I Know It’s Today” with Young Fiona and Fiona. Will double as a Fairytale Creature and a Dulac Citizen

YOUNG SHREK / GRUMPY THE DWARF (Male, Age 10-14 – Any Vocal Part) - Plays Young Shrek in “Big, Bright, Beautiful World” and then returns in Act 2 to play Lord Farquaad’s father, Grumpy the Dwarf (with several speaking lines). Will also double with a Fairytale Creature and as a Dulac Citizen. 

3 LITTLE PIGS (Males, Kids, Teens and  Adults – Tenors or Baritones with ability to sing tight harmony and German Accent) - Fairytale creatures with solo / trio work in “Story of My Life,” “Freak Flag” and “This is Our Story.” Three great actors who work well together and have wonderful comedic timing. May double as Dulac Citizens. 

BIG BAD WOLF – (Male, Adult Bass - Bartione) Tough guy who isn’t afraid to let the world know he likes dressing up in Granny’s clothes. Comedic role. May double with a Dulac Citzen and other roles

BABY BEAR – (Kids, Ages 10-14) The wide-eyed and precocious baby bear from Goldilocks. Will double as a Dulac Citizen and may double with other roles.

SHOEMAKER'S ELF - (Any Gender, Kids, Teens and Adults). An anxious, diminutive and quirky fairytale creature. Great comedic timing and a strong voice as they have varous solos throughout the show. Will double as a Dulac Citizen and may double with other roles. 

THE  WITCH - (Female, Adult, Alto). The wicked witch, she has been around the block and done some time. Cynical and bitterly hilarious. Comedic role. May double with other roles.

UGLY DUCKLING- (Any Gender, Kids and Teens). A quirky and offbeat young fairytale creature. Strong singer with solos throughout. Will double as a Dulac Citizen and may double as other roles.

PETER PAN - (Male, Teens and Adults) The boy who won't grow up. Strong singer and dancer. May double as a Dulac Citzen and other roles. 

FAIRY GODMOTHER (Female, Adult, Soprano). The classic fairy. Slightly spastic. May double as  other roles. 

THEOLONIOUS/CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD (Male, Adult). Farquaad's right hand man. Pompous and full of himself. May double as other roles. 

TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM (Any Gender, Any Age). The twins from Alice in Wonderland. Strong singers with solo lines throughout. May double as other roles including Dulac Citzens. 

GUARDS/KNIGHTS (Male, Any Age). Three strong dancers and singers who will play Knights, Guards and will double with other roles. 

THREE BLIND MICE (Female, Any Age) Strong singers and dancers who are Donkey's backup girls. Will double as other roles. 

*NOTE: "Shrek" is a true ensemble show and most roles will double and be heavily featured throughout the show*

Any questions please e-mail

Let your freak flag fly with us this fall and winter!

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