THE SECRET ORDER OF THE LIBERTINES - The Poetry Brothel/The Essensual Life Non Equity Auditions

Posted: July 11, 2012
Audition Location: Philadelphia, PA

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Are you a Poetry Whore? Do clandestine meetings attract you? Is there a secret inside of you waiting to fly off the page and manifest itself on a velvet divan? Would you like a glass of absinthe right now? If you are an established or emerging writer, artist or magician, consider becoming a member of The Poetry Brothel. The Poetry Brothel hit the New York performance arts scene in 2007 with the aim of restoring urgency and revelry to the act of reading. Set in an immersive post-war brothel setting, costumed Poetry Whores deliver their original work in one-on-one readings directly to patrons at private tables, in dark corners, or up against the wall. The Poetry Brothel performs special events throughout the country and now has branches in Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The Poetry Brothel will make it's PHILADELPHIA DEBUT at the 2012 Philly Fringe Festival as part of THE SECRET ORDER OF THE LIBERTINES: Wed. 9/12, Sat. 9/15, & Thurs. 9/20. Poetry Whores will also take part in practice sessions and promotional events in August and early September. The audition process begins with an email screening, followed by a live audition.

To audition, email up to 5 pps of poetry, a "character" bio (no factual information necessary), and a photo of yourself to The Madame at by July 21st. For more information about The Poetry Brothel's legacy, activities, and for examples of character bios, visit

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