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Posted: August 23, 2018
Audition Location: Camperdown, Australia

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Ned: A New Australian Musical NSW Premiere AUDITIONS


Ned: A New Australian Musical 

Music and Lyrics by Adam Lyon

Book by Anna Lyon & Marc McIntyre 

By arrangement with David Spicer Productions 

Plush Duck Productions is very excited to be bringing the NSW premiere of NED, a new Australian musical, to the New Theatre from December 18-22, 2018. 

Commissioned for the opening of the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo in 2015, NED was described by Stage Whispers as “quite simply the best entirely Australian musical ever”. Set in rural Victoria in the late 1800s, it charts the transformation of a local hero into an outlawed criminal into a national myth. When their mother Ellen Kelly is unjustly convicted of attempting to murder a policeman, brothers Ned and Dan and their two friends Joe and Steve flee to the bush to avoid their own arrest. They are quickly outlawed and villainised as the feared ‘Kelly Gang’, eventually taking a final, fatal stand against the police. 

NED interrogates the notion of what makes a villain, how to survive in extremely trying circumstances, and just how far one will go to save their friends and family. With a rich, haunting score and a libretto that captures the raucous humour, warmth, and tragedy that audiences would expect from this iconic Australian story, NED deserves a life beyond Bendigo. Plush Duck Productions is incredibly excited to be launching it into the Sydney musical theatre community and beyond. 


Director/Choreographer: Miranda Middleton 

Producer/Band Director: Hamish Stening

Vocal Director/Assistant Director: Sarah Levins

Repetiteur: Oliver Beard 

Set/Graphic Designer: Matt Hourigan 


Auditions will be held on Thursday 6th/Friday 7th September from 7-10pm (Camperdown), and Saturday 8th September from 10am-4pm (Alexandria). 


To apply for an audition, please email* with the following:

• Up-to-date CV, including accurate vocal range and age

• Recent photo or headshot

• Any audition times you are unavailable for

• Any significant periods of absence/conflicting commitments throughout the rehearsal period

You will be invited to audition in a reply email, with your allotted time and location.

Please note that you must be over the age of 18 to audition for this show.

*Upon inquiry of audition your email will be added to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe by sending us a message or clicking "unsubscribe" on any communications we send to you.


Rehearsals will be held on Friday evenings (Camperdown) and Sundays (Alexandria), every week from September 21st to December 16th.


This production will operate on a PROFIT SHARE arrangement between cast and creatives.


For your audition, please prepare 16 bars of TWO contrasting songs of your choice, in a musical theatre or folk style. Bring clearly marked sheet music in a plastic display folder on the day for the accompanist.

A capella singing and backing tracks will not be accepted.

You are also asked to prepare ONE of the excerpts on the next page to read for us on the day.


After your first audition, you might be invited via email for a call back.

For the call back, you will be sent some material from the show in advance and asked to prepare it. During the call back, you will learn some choreography and be asked to perform it with a group. It is advised that auditionees wear comfortable clothing.



We are looking for a cast of 18 (11M, 7F). Actors may be of any ethnicity.

NED KELLY – male, 20s. The leader of the Kelly gang. Ned is a cheeky and hot-tempered young man with a fierce dislike for authority, yet deep sense of commitment to his family and friends. Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Tenor, strong belt/mix to F4 preferable.

ELLEN KELLY – female, 40s. Mother to Ned, Dan, Maggie, Kate and baby Alice. A tough, resilient woman who teaches her children strength and compassion. Unjustly sent to gaol by Fitzpatrick.

Vocal part: Mezzo.

MAGGIE KELLY – female, 20s. Ned’s younger sister, who is wise beyond her years. Assumes responsibility for the household after her mother’s imprisonment.

Intermediate dancing skills required.

Vocal part: Mezzo, strong belt/mix to C5 preferable.

KATE KELLY – female, late teens.

Ned’s naive younger sister, who must quickly learn to grow up in her mother and brothers’ absence. Intermediate dancing skills required.

Vocal part: Mezzo, strong belt/mix to E5 preferable.

DAN KELLY – male, early 20s.

Ned’s younger brother, a member of the Kelly gang. Dan is loyal and jovial, with a cheeky sense of humour. Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Tenor.

JOE BYRNE – male, early 20s. Ned’s friend, a member of the Kelly gang. Joe has a strong moral compass. Flirts with the innkeeper, Ann Jones.

Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Baritone.

ANN JONES – female, 30s.

The boisterous innkeeper, who keeps the locals in line. Serves as a friend/mentor to Joe. Advanced dancing skills preferred.

Vocal part: Mezzo.

AARON SHERRITT – male, early 20s.

Joe’s best friend, a railway worker. Betrays the Kelly gang by informing the police of their whereabouts. Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Tenor.

STEVE HART – male, early 20s.

Dan’s best friend, a member of the Kelly gang. Jovial and fun-loving. Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Tenor.


Condescending and dishonest constable with a violent streak. Flirts with Ned’s sister Kate, much to Ned’s disgust.

Vocal part: Baritone, strong belt/mix to D4 preferable.

SUPERINTENDENT HARE – male, mid 40s.

Local policeman who vows to bring the thieving Ned Kelly to justice, and depicts him as a criminal to the public.

Vocal part: Baritone.

YOUNG NED – male, late teens (but youthful-looking).

Adolescent Ned, who fancies himself as the local hero after saving a young boy from drowning. Strong movement skills required.

Vocal part: Tenor.


Honest policeman who wants Ned to stay out of trouble. Unintentionally killed in a shoot-out with the Kelly gang.

Voice part: Baritone.

MRS KENNEDY – female, 30s. Wife and later widow of Kennedy.

Voice part: Mezzo/Soprano.

MRS BYRNE – female, 40s. Joe’s mother, who disapproves of her son’s involvement with the Kellys. Spoken role.

ENSEMBLE x3 (covering several small roles and featured dancing parts) – 2M, 1F.

Must be strong singers and movers.


For more information about the show:

To hear some of the music: (‘Sample Music’ tab)

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