HATSHEPSUT ANCIENT EGYPT'S FEMALE PHARAOH - St. Mary's Community Center Non Equity Auditions

Posted: April 27, 2014
Audition Location: Baltimore, MD

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BEFORE CLEOPATRA. BEFORE QUEEN ELIZABETH. BEFORE RAMESSES. A groundbreaking ancient historical epic play, based on a true story of the life and times of Ancient Egypt’s most powerful female ruler, a queen who became a king. 3,000 years ago the world was once ruled by a woman. A woman who would forever change her times. A woman whose story has never been told. A queen more powerful than Cleopatra, who defied the tradition of the age, ruled the throne beside her stepson, dressed up like a man, wore a false beard, claimed that she was born of immaculate conception and declared herself a god. The first great ruling woman in history, in 2007 her royal mummy was found. This is the story of that woman... and the man who tried to erase her from history forever.

Contact 443-424-8260

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