A CHORUS LINE - CDC Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: December 19, 2019
Audition Location: Cranford, NJ

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CDC Theatre is thrilled to announce auditions for their upcoming non-equity production of “A Chorus Line”. Book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante, Music by Marvin Hamlisch and Lyrics by Edward Kleban, Conceived and Originally Directed and Choreographed by Michael Bennett.

Produced by Joe Leo, Directed and Choreographed by Michael Kidney with Musical Direction by Bruce De La Cruz.

A CHORUS LINE is a celebration of those unsung heroes of the American Musical Theatre: the chorus dancers– those valiant, over dedicated, underpaid, highly trained performers who back up the star or stars and often make them look even more talented than they are. It is also a celebration of the American Musical itself. A CHORUS LINE is also about competition, and competition might easily be the common denominator that grabs the audience and holds it by the collective heartstring until the final, ultimate choices are made. For everyone, at one time or another, puts his life on the line. We all compete, no matter what business we’re in, for promotion, for attention, for approval and for love. Specifically, A CHORUS LINE takes the audience through the final grueling audition run by the director, Zach, for a new Broadway musical.


Friday January, 17th at 7 PM
Saturday January, 18th at 11 AM
Callbacks will be on Tuesday January, 21st by invitation only.

CDC Theatre
78 Winans Avenue
Cranford NJ

Everyone auditioning is asked to be ready to dance at the start of the call. Please bring a headshot and resume stapled together. Ladies should wear character shoes and men should wear jazz shoes; dress comfortably. We also ask that you prepare a 16 bar cut of a song in the style of the show that shows off your voice. EVERYONE MUST DANCE.

Rehearsals will take place at CDC, in the evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, starting February 16th.

Performances are May 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th and 16th.

Please direct all questions to AChorusLine@MichaelKidney.com and visit www.cdctheatre.org for more info.


Zach –The director and choreographer of the show. Non-singing. Must be able to dance. Male. Lead

Cassie – Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer. Very strong dancer. Reserved but warm. Previously had a relationship with Zach. Female. Soprano. Lead.

Maggie Winslow – Very kind, from a broken home. Dreamer. Female. Soprano with a strong belt. Supporting.

Mike Costa – Determined, aggressive, cocky, sure of himself but likeable. Tap dancer who had worked with Zach before. Flirts with everyone. Male. Tenor. Supporting.

Connie Wong – Short. Married. Older than she looks with a great sense of humor. Female. Alto. Supporting.

Gregory Gardner–Flamboyant with a “been there, done that” attitude. Sharp tongued and conscious of appearance. Has worked with Zach before. Male. Baritone. Supporting.

Sheila Bryant – Oldest dancer on the line. Brassy & sexy with a bit of an attitude but has class. Good comedic timing. Female. Alto. Supporting.

Bobby Mills – Flamboyant, funny and full of wit. Covers up his rough childhood by joking about everything. More than meets the eye. Male. Baritone. Supporting.

Bebe Benzenheimer – Completely insecure about her looks but is funny to cover up her insecurities. An outsider who just wants to be liked. Female. Alto. Supporting.

Judy Turner – A funny and nervous scatterbrain. Warm and hopeful yet somewhat awkward. Female. Mezzo. Supporting.

Richie Walters – African-American, strong dancer, enthusiastic, funny, cool and laid back. Very likeable. Male. Tenor. Supporting.

Al DeLuca – Street tough, hyper-masculine, newly married to Kristine. Male. Baritone. Supporting

Kristine Ulrich (DeLuca) – Wide-eyed and naïve. Very nervous when not dancing. Newly married to Al. Character doesn’t have singing ability. Female. Mezzo. Supporting.

Mark Anthony – Hopeful, fresh, optimistic, naïve but charming. Male. Tenor. Supporting.

Paul San Marco – Introverted and guarded but loves who he becomes when he performs. Just starting to feel comfortable in his skin. Friends with Diana. Male. Bari-Tenor. Supporting.

Diana Morales – Street smart and tough, eternal optimist and starry eyed. Determined and athletic. Female. Alto. Supporting.

Val Clarke – Sassy, sexy, smart, funny & foul-mouthed. Completely direct & brazen. An attention seeker. Female. Mezzo with a belt. Supporting.

Don Kerr – All-American, cocky, cool ladies-man. Married. Has worked with Zach before. Male. Baritone. Supporting.

Larry – Zach’s assistant. Must sing and dance.

Auditionees: Tricia, Vicki, Roy, Lois, Butch, Tom, Frank. Will double vocals backstage.

Non-equity. No Pay.

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