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BWW Blog: Why Add a Minor in Theatre?

BWW Blog: Why Add a Minor in Theatre?

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share my first blog here at Broadway World! This is a great opportunity for those who are going to school for theatre arts to share their thoughts and experiences with other thespians, so I figured this first post could be about how/why I'm going to school at Montclair State University for theatre arts. My major is music education but I added a minor in theatre, so here's a few reasons why I did that and why it might be beneficial to others who are interested!

With a major in music education, adding a minor in theatre will just help increase my desirability to employers. Many music educators also have a part in the theatre program at their school. Having the prior experience and knowledge I am gaining through my classes and through my experiences here will make me more marketable for director positions. This would also help, I believe, in schools where the theatre program is less than ideal because I would love to create or expand the theatre program at my school so all kids who want to experience theatre have the best opportunities possible.

Adding a minor in theatre is also helping me and will continue to help me grow academically and socially. Many of my theatre classes require things from me that other classes don't require. I'm required to do analysis papers on performances I see, required to think critically about different aspects of said performances, required to do lots of readings and internalize the information (such as readings on the history of Broadway shows and readings on the Stanislavski acting method), and so on. These skills can be transferred to my other classes and to life in general. Many of the classes for my minor also push me out of my comfort zone and help me socially. I have never really acted before and I am now performing almost every class in my Acting I course. I have to learn how to work with people on creating a whole different world, essentially. I have to learn how to work with people at their most nervous and vulnerable states, and that will help me immensely in my life and my future career. I am learning how to share my ideas in a respectful way, learning how to read people and base appropriate responses off of that, and many other helpful skills. Adding this minor is just giving me so many tools that I can transfer to so many different aspects of my life, not just in the classroom.

My passion for theatre is a rather recent development so I never had too much experience in middle or high school like most other theatre people had, and what better opportunity to learn more about theatre than from well-educated professors in a school with a phenomenal theatre program? I am learning from some of the best of the best here at Montclair State University, and I know I will learn invaluable things through my classes and active participation and experience here. I am not only learning through my peers here, but I am learning through incredible courses and experiences, especially being so close to New York City. It really is the perfect place and time to be learning more about theatre and expanding my passion for the craft.

I also can't wait to contribute to the amazing shows on campus. As a theatre minor, you have to work on the crew for at least one show on campus. I couldn't be more excited for the day that comes because I have missed working on shows so much like I did throughout high school. It will feel so right to be back on the crew side of things once again. The shows here on campus are absolutely incredible, and it will be great to be able to see it from a different perspective, to see what exactly goes into the amazing shows here.

I am also always up to make new friends, and there's no better way to make new friends than exploring a side of campus or a "group" of the school that you usually don't interact with. Without adding a minor in theatre, I probably would have never met most of the friends I have already made in the classes I'm taking this semester for my minor. The people in the theatre match with me so well and I truly feel like I have found my place. The music department here is one big family, so I already have a "home" here. But sometimes it's nice to have a backup, another place you can go, and the theatre department is now that for me. I couldn't be more thankful to have two "groups" at school- the music department and the theatre department- that help me grow so much and who have such wonderful people in them.

If you are questioning adding a minor, I think you should most definitely do it, especially if it's something that will help progress your career, and even more importantly, if it's something you're passionate about. As a music major, most of my classes are music classes. Adding a minor gives me a nice break from that, and I can imagine it's the same for other majors too. Sometimes it's just nice to have a class or two a semester for a minor you're passionate about, and I wholeheartedly support adding a minor if it's possible and if it's something you have a drive and interest towards.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next week!

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