Various, Counterculture theme

Various, Counterculture theme

Dates: (7/27/2023 - 7/30/2023 )

Various around Nashville

Kindling Arts

6172 Cockrill Bend Cir (OZ Arts Nashville address)
Nashville,TN 37212

Phone: 617.356.2664

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<>Nashville's radically unique independent arts incubator Kindling Arts is excited to present its 2023 Kindling Arts Festival from Thursday, July 27 through Sunday, July 30, 2023. This year’s programming, held at venues across Nashville, including OZ Arts Nashville and The Darkhorse Theater, will be unified around a singular theme of Counterculture and will feature new works by local artists.

<>The 2023 4-day performance festival comes on the heels of a huge year of growth for the nonprofit arts organization — one that more than doubled ticket sales and attendance at the 2022 festival and included additional dynamic artistic experiences throughout the year. Kindling Arts and its organizers have also been recognized with local awards for recent years of programming, most notably several “Best of Nashville Awards” from the Nashville Scene.

<>Founded in 2018, Kindling Arts develops innovative new works by Nashville’s experimental artists, empowering diverse creators with the resources required to explore challenging ideas in a multidisciplinary context. Emphasizing an artist-centered process, the Kindling Arts Festival is a multi-day annual event that showcases interdisciplinary collaborations in surprising spaces.

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Various around Nashville is at 6172 Cockrill Bend Cir (OZ Arts Nashville address), Nashville, TN.


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