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Time to Recharge, Harper! show poster

Time to Recharge, Harper! at Sunset Playhouse

Dates: (21/2/2024 - 24/2/2024 )


Sunset Playhouse

700 Wall Street
Elm Grove,WI 53122

Phone: (262) 782-4430

Tickets: $6 - $12

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  3. Time to Recharge, Harper!

Even robots need to recharge!  Harper the robot does not like to recharge his battery. His classroom is full of fun things to do, but he can’t do any of them when he’s all plugged into the wall. So what’s a busy robot to do?  This bug in a rug original musical, based on the fabulous children’s book by author-illustrator Kelly Leigh Miller, puts a futuristic spin on the age-old dilemma convincing kids that everyone needs to take time to rest.

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Sunset Playhouse is at 700 Wall Street, Elm Grove, WI.


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