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BWW Interview: Zack LaChance And Braden Foley of THE ADDAMS FAMILY at Thornton Academy Auditorium

BWW Interview: Zack LaChance And Braden Foley of THE ADDAMS FAMILY at Thornton Academy Auditorium

One normal night is not what you'll get at Thornton Academy! I was invited to talk to the performers of THE ADDAMS FAMILY at the Thornton Academy Auditorium. I was able to speak with Zack LaChance and Braden Foley who play Gomez and Fester Addams, respectively.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a musical adaption of Charles Addams' original comic strip of the same name. It follows the creepy and cooky happenings of the Addams Family. They are a family that flourishes in the dark and thrives on the pain and misery of both themselves and their loved ones. It has a book written by Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman, and an original score by composer and lyricist, Andrew Lippa.

"The Addams are kind of hard to describe." said LaChance with a chuckle. "They're this family, whose family ties are stronger than most, but they still have a lot to learn about each other." LaChance plays the passionate Latin lover, Gomez Addams. He was incredibly funny during his dress rehearsal, and I believe he will only get funnier with an audience.

"Gomez is an incredibly passionate man, with strong ties to each member of his family," LaChance said while applying his moustache, "especially with Morticia."
"THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a show about love, but the story really takes you on this journey that's anything but normal," joked LaChance, "It's really a roller coaster. You have jokes about the manic tendencies of swing states in the middle of deep father-daughter conversation. It's an emotional roller coaster that everyone will enjoy."

Braden Foley carries the role of Uncle Fester, the odd, but lovable brother of Gomez and Uncle of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

"He's kind of the weirdest one in the family, but he keeps the family tied together," Foley said. While I was talking to Foley, I had a hard time keeping eye contact with him, because his costume was executed very well for a high school production.

"If I could add a scene, I would write a scene between just Gomez and Fester. We don't get to interact at great length because the plot isn't about us, but I think a musical number between just the two of us would be hilarious," said Foley with a big smile.

As seems to be a tradition with my interviews, I asked LaChance and Foley what thought their charcater's favorite kind of ice cream flavor would be.

LaChance claims that "Gomez would love a classy french vanilla with some bay leaves," and Foley said that "just like a pregnant woman, Fester would probably crave ice cream with pickles, or just pickled ice cream. He's a weird guy."

THE ADDAMS FAMILY at Thornton Academy will open on April 6th and run through the 9th with shows at 7 PM (Apr. 6,7,8) and 2 PM (Apr. 8 and 9). All tickets are $10 and are available online at and are also available at the door.

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