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BWW Interview: Pam Mutty and Cast of LES MISÈRABLES at Crooker Auditorium

BWW Interview: Pam Mutty and Cast of LES MISÈRABLES at Crooker Auditorium

Do you hear the students sing? The Brunswick High School Players are presenting LES MISÈRABLES SCHOOL EDITION under the direction of Pam Mutty.

Mutty was the physical embodiment of congeniality during our interview, and she was so eager to talk about every aspect of the show.

I asked Mutty why she chose to perform one of the most complex musicals ever written. She said, "this year was just the right year. I was backstage during our production of BYE BYE BIRDY and I heard a girl singing LES MISÈRABLES and I just had this epiphany. We had to do it!"

The cast seemed to find real value in what they were doing in their school. Mutty commented, "The great thing about Brunswick High School is that there is no separation. There aren't kids who are just theatre nerds, just jocks, just math geeks. There's a strong moral fiber that ties these kids together and they treasure the story that LES MISÈRABLES has to offer."

I asked Mutty if she had a favorite character in the show, and she said with a chuckle, "Éponine, of course! Everyone wants to be 'Ponine. There's this beautiful during 'On My Own' where dry ice begins to pour over the stage and into the audience." The effect was, in fact, a beautiful touch. The dry ice was purchased for the dress rehearsal that I was invited to, and I was blown away.

I asked Mutty why people should come and see this show and she just laughed and boldly said, "It's Les Miz! The show is long, but it truly showcases how incredibly talented our students are. I'm very proud."

I was also given the opportunity to talk to some of the student performers. I was able to speak with Elliot Nagler, who is portraying the main character Jean Valjean. He truly connected to this show "because it's a show about many things, but it's especially about what kids were willing to do to pursue their better tomorrow."

Nagler is a self proclaimed "rambunctious kid with an active imagination." When he was on stage, he truly stepped into character. It was truly an inspirational performance, and I believe that he has a future in show business.

Hannah Perreault and Caitlin Ellis, who portray Cosette and Young Cosette respectively, were a joy both on and off stage. Perreault is a sophomore at Brunswick High and Ellis is a fourth gradeR. Ellis described the character as "a little girl who loses her mother and lives in an inn with with two grownups that don't love her, but Jean Valjean comes to rescue her and she has a better life."

I asked Perreault who she thought Cosette was in the context of the show, and she smiled and said, "she is the ideal woman! She is the porcelain doll that embodies hope and virtue, which is really what Les Miz is about - discovering what you stand for and what you're willing to do to make it happen."

I asked the Cosettes what they thought their character's favorite ice cream flavor, and they laughed and discussed it. They decided that Young Cosette "wouldn't have one, because she's poor," but adult Cosette would crave "an expensive brand of vanilla because it's plain like her."

The cast worked together at an exceptional level and always seemed to have each others backs. When someone wasn't able to sing or act, another cast member always stepped up to the plate. The show came together exceptionally well, and the cast and crew should be proud of the beautiful piece of theatre they were able to produce.

LES MISÈRABLES SCHOOL EDITION ran at Crooker Auditorium on March 23rd-25th.

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