PAGE BY PAGE Announces New Executive Director Rachel Lynett

Lynett takes over on November 1, 2020.

By: Oct. 05, 2020

PAGE BY PAGE Announces New Executive Director Rachel Lynett

Page By Page, the popular monthly subscription service for theater artists designed to provide a sense of community, both online and off, announced that its Founder Jacqueline Goldfinger will pass leadership of the organization to award-winning playwright and producer Rachel Lynett on November 1, 2020, the second birthday of Page By Page.

"Page By Page is an inspirational, practical, and affordable support organization for theater-makers," said Goldfinger, who noted that she will continue to write monthly editorials and share resources for Page By Page. "Rachel is the perfect theater leader to take the reins of Page By Page. She's brilliant, insightful, understands the national scene, and cares deeply about her fellow artists. I was thrilled when she accepted my offer of leadership. Her vision for the organization is paramount to it growing."

"Page by Page came into my life at the perfect time when I was deeply needing a stronger community," adds Lynett. "Through Page by Page, I've been able to stay connected to what's happening nationally in the field, can challenge myself to push my own writing with prompts and submission opportunities, and have been given the opportunity to cheer on other playwrights as they get accepted into various communities. Page by Page helped create an environment where, as a playwright, I felt like I was part of a community that wanted to lift each other up rather than a competitive one, which, especially in 2020, is vital. I'm super excited about the opportunity to continue Jacqueline Goldfinger's vision, to continue to foster a community in which playwrights and theatre artists can support one another, and to expand on connecting our playwright community to the greater national theatre community."

Page by Page is a monthly online magazine and support service that includes access to submission opportunities, private artist retreats, and a collaborator match program. Created by Goldfinger in 2018, members who join Page by Page have access to a private Facebook community, happy hour networking sessions, summer movie clubs, and more. Additionally, Page by Page members are eligible to apply for in-person Artist Retreats each year, where master teaching artists support and provide workshop opportunities for writers.

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