SUPERIOR DONUTS - City Equity Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 13, 2012

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SUPERIOR DONUTS-Equity Principal Auditions inAL

City Equity TheatreBirmingham, ALSPT $201/week minimum.

Author:Tracy Letts

Dir:Jonathan Fuller

1st reh: 5/22/12. Runs 6/7–6/17.

EquityPrincipal Auditions:

Saturday,April 14, 2012Alabama School of Fine Arts
10 AM - 6PM1800Rev. AbrahamWoods, Jr.Blvd.
Lunch from 1 - 2.BirminghamAL35203

Five-minute slots. No appointment necessary.

Sides will beprovided at the audition, andwill also bepostedatwww.cityequitytheatre.combeginning the week of March 26.Please note that mostcharactersin this playneed to speakwith a distinct Chicagoaccent.

Please bring a picture & resume, stapled back-to-back.


Note:No housing is available to out-of-area performers.

Franco Wicks:

AVAILABLE ROLE.20’s. African American. Street-wise wheeler-dealer.

Max Tarasov:

AVAILABLE ROLE. 40s – 50’s.Russian immigrant. Owner of video store (RUSSIAN ACCENT REQUIRED).

Officer Randy Osteen:

AVAILABLE ROLE.FEMALE late 40’s.Irish- American

Officer James Bailey:

AVAILABLE ROLE. 30’s - 40s.AfricanAmerican.Chicago Cop.

Lady Boyle:

AVAILABLE ROLE: 50’s – 70’s Alcoholic.Bag Lady.

Luther Flynn:

AVAILABLE ROLE: 40’s Irish American. Loan shark.

Kevin Magee:

AVAILABLE ROLE – 20’s Irish American. Luther’s henchman.

Kiril Ivanik

AVAILABLE ROLE – 20’s Russian Immigrant. Large and looks like Dolph Lundgren. Speaks Russian Only.

ARTHURPRZYBYSZEWSKI:( Pronounced [p]Shub-er-shef-ski):

CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should anybecome necessary. Caucasian, Late 50’s – early 60’s. Old Hippie draft evader. Owner of the shop.

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