ADIRONDACK THEATRE FESTIVAL 2012 SEASON - Adirondack Theatre Festival Auditions

Posted: January 31, 2012

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Adirondack Theatre Festival 2012

– Equity Principal Auditions byAPPOINTMENTin Glens Falls, NY

Glens Falls NY SPT (approval/salary level pending; 2011 weekly minimum: $350).

Producing Artistic Dir: Mark Fleischer

CD: Stephanie Klapper Casting

Equity Principal Auditions byAPPOINTMENT:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012Charles R. Wood Theater

1 PM – 9 PM207 Glen Street

Break from 4 – 5.Glens Falls, NY 12801

For anappointment,call 518/874-0800. Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits.

Please prepare either A) a brief song or B) a brief monologue or C) a one-minute monologue and 32 bars of a song. If singing, bring sheet music; accompanist provided.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled back-to-back.Note: By permission of Equity, other employers may also be present at these auditions. Auditioning performers may wish to bring more than one set of headshot/resumes.

All dates are in 2012. All listed roles are available.

BLACK TIEby A. R. Gurney. Dir: Terry Rabine. 1st reh: 6/11. Runs 6/26-6/30.

Groom’s dad Curtis simply wants to make a memorable toast. But before he can raise his glass, he must defend the time-honored ways of his past, including his attire. Gurney again provides insight into the world of the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


50s. Family man, devoted to wife & children. Charming, intelligent, generous-spirited, very much his dad’s son, anxiously trying to enter the modern world while still embodying customs/behavior he inherited from his dad. Adores his kids & does his best to respond to, if not embrace, the very different customs they have acquired. Caught between 2 worlds—the old-fashioned one of manners, decorum & tradition, and the modern world of acceptance, understanding & all things casual. The world is changing all around him, and he must adapt or be left behind. Idealizes his now-dead dad, along w/all the old-world civility he represents. Eventually, he decides to adapt, as his family’s happiness is more important to him than his sense of propriety.

Curtis’s Father:

Character should read 80s. Classy gent. Vigorous, cantankerous, very much an emissary from an old/obsolete world. Patrician, snobbish, discriminating, out of touch, but in one sense an admirable example of his breed, since he’s infinitely polite, thoughtful & well educated. A ghost; can only be seen by Curtis. Relic of the past, when men were gentlemen & women were ladies. Wants to help his son by providing wise, useful advice. Unfortunately, much of his advice has outlived its usefulness. In his day, he was extremely charming/well-put-together. Thinks he knows everything, and is somewhat shocked by how different the world is now. Good-natured at heart. Truly wants his family to be happy.


50s (perhaps 1-2 years younger than husband Curtis). Attractive, well-put-together. Very much the modern, liberated woman. Well educated, aggressively liberal, socially conscious, able to ignore or poke fun at her husband's obsolete responses even as her own more traditional values occasionally surface. Loves Curtis, but is annoyed by his penchant for clinging to tradition & his reverence for his dad. Never got along with Curtis’s dad; this is a source of contention for them. Loves her kids, wants the best for them. More easygoing than Curtis, more willing to abandon formality in favor of fun.


Mid 20s. Curtis & Mimi’s son. Serious, dedicated college grad, eager to green up the earth. Not a tree-hugger, but a focused, passionate student of acid rain and its effect on the Adirondack trout he once fished for. In spite of his tough-mindedness, he’s totally in love w/his free-spirited, multi-ethnic, sexually liberated fiancée, who has introduced him to a wild, wonderful new life in NYC and in bed. But he, too, gets caught in the pull of the past. Having doubts on the eve of his rehearsal dinner, questioning his love for his bride-to-be. Also struggling w/tradition vs. modernity; comes out in favor of the latter. Realizes that the way his fiancée fails to see eye-to-eye w/his parents could become a problem later, but chooses to overlook it, as he is truly in love. Has a good relationship w/his family; respects their opinions.


20s. Teddy’s younger sister. Bright, athletic. Easygoing in her relationship w/her live-in partner, irritatingly know-it-all to Teddy, who calls her “Little Hitler”. Very much on top of things, shifting back & forth between the values of her contemporaries and those of her parents, who count on her constantly as interpreter/ambassador. Deals w/her anxieties by running whenever possible. The family peacemaker, trying to hold everything together as Teddy’s rehearsal dinner erupts in chaos. Annoyed that she is constantly the messenger who must go between family members, but does it anyway. Happily living w/a boyfriend whom she has no intentions of marrying anytime soon, much to Curtis’s confusion—she’s less conventional than he’d like.

Late Night Cabaret Music: Joe Kinosian. Lyrics: Kellen Blair. Dirs: J. Kinosian and K. Blair. Mus Dir: J. Kinosian. 1st reh: 6/26. Runs 6/28-6/30.

Cabaret act featuring songs and sketches.

SeekingOne Versatile Cabaret Performer (M/F)with comedic timing. Plays characters in their 20s, in songs and sketches with the authors.

NEXT TO NORMAL Music: Tom Kitt. Book/Lyrics: Brian Yorkey. Dir: Mark Fleischer. Mus Dir TBD. 1st reh: 6/18. Rehearses in NYC. Runs in Glens Falls 7/5-7/14.

Musical’s story about Diana—a suburban housewife/mom struggling w/worsening bipolar disorder. This, coupled w/hallucinations that stem from a trauma 16 years earlier and the intense rounds of psychotherapy she needs, affects her family greatly. Diana’s relationship w/daughter Natalie becomes strained because Natalie feels that she is invisible to her mom, who prefers the superhero-like image she has created for her son. Story shows how far parents will go to keep themselves sane and their family's world intact.

Theatre’s casting note:“We are seeking excellent singers and actors of all ethnicities.”


Late 30s – early 40s. Sexy, sharp housewife. Manic-depressive, delusional. Suffers from worsening bipolar disorder; has been medicated for 16 years. Seeking strong singer/actress who can cover the full emotional range this role requires. Belt/mix to E.


Late 30s – early 40s. Diana’s husband, Gabe & Natalie’s dad. Architect. Handsome. Genuine. Constantly tired. Provides constant support for his family as he fights to keep his wife’s mind & illness stable. Belabored, dedicated dad. High baritone/tenor to A.


Seeking actor 18+ to read 18. Diana & Dan’s son. Dashing, gentle, bright, playful. Can be both an angel and a demon to his mom, who idolizes him as a superhero. Rock tenor to B, w/falsetto & comfortable mix.


Seeking actress 18+ to read 16. Diana & Dan’s daughter. Attractive. Strong, tries to be perfect. Classically trained pianist; takes refuge in the practice room. Belt/mix to E.


Seeking actor 18+ to read 17. Jazz musician, romantic, stoner, slacker, philosopher king. Classmate of Natalie; eventually her boyfriend. Supports her during one of the roughest times in her life. High baritone/tenor to A.

Dr. Madden / Dr. Fine:

Late 20s – late 30s, male. Diana’s doctor. Assured rock star of psychiatry. “On the young side” of ageless. High baritone/tenor to A; rock sound.

FILMING O’KEEFEby Eric Lane. Dir: Martha Banta. 1st reh: 7/17. Rehearses in NYC. Perfs in Glens Falls: 7/21-7/22.

New play reading. Contemporary story inspired by artists Georgia O'Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz. Set on Lake George at the site of the Stieglitz estate; set in motion when a grandfather shows up unexpectedly. Mom and son clash as the teen uncovers his parents’ hidden past in this emotional, lyrical, funny play.


17. Bright, creative, sensitive, yearning. Trying to make sense of his body, thoughts, feelings, the world around him. At an awkward stage: no longer a boy, not yet a man.


40s-50s. Attractive, down to earth, articulate, used to getting things done herself. Loves son Max; can be fiercely protective.


17. Has her own unique style. Smart, rebellious, somewhat angry, w/genuine warmth & vulnerability underneath.


60s-70s. Aging businessman. Had to fight for all he has gotten; can be relentless. Friendly, but beneath is a sense of loneliness & someone who has been through a lot.

Woody Sez: The Life and music of Woody Guthrie Devised by David M. Lutken, with Nick Corley and Darcie Deaville, Helen J. Russell, Andy Teirstein. Dir: N. Corley. 1st reh: 7/17. Runs 7/19-7/28.

Theatrical concert event using words & songs of Woody Guthrie to transport the audience through his fascinating, beautiful, sometimes tragic life.

Casting note: Show is performed by 4 actor/musicians who are as versatile musically as they are theatrically. All should have a strong Depression-era quality and be engaging to watch.

Man 1 / Woody:

Very strong actor & storyteller. Strong emotional & accessible quality. Excellent guitar player, some harmonica.

Man 2:

Charming character actor. Plays Radio Announcer, Will Geer, Pete Seeger, others. Must play excellent fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmonica, pennywhistle, spoons, jaw harp, a few other instruments.

Woman 1:

Strong character actress w/strength & warmth. Plays Woody's Mother, Radio Singer, others. Must play bass, guitar, other instruments. Needs wide vocal range w/warm soprano.

Woman 2:

Spunky character actress. Plays Clara, Radio Singer, Lefty Lou, others. Must play excellent fiddle, mandolin, guitar, a few other instruments. Needs strong alto range.

NYC EPAs will also be held. Watch for separate notice.

The Adirondack Theatre Festival is located in Glens Falls near Lake George, north of Albany, 20 minutes from Saratoga.

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