WOOLLY MAMMOTH THEATRE CO. 2014-15 SEASON - Woolly Mammoth Theatre Auditions

Posted: December 23, 2013

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Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. 14-15 Season - EPAs
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Washington, DC

Call Type
Equity Principal
Date of Audition
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
641 D Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT (2 days)
Monday, January 6, 2014
Tuesday, January 7, 2014
10 AM to 6 PM
lunch 1:30 to 2:30
Please email preferred audition date and time to casting@woollymammoth.net. If no email, call 202.312.5271
A confirmation email will be sent.

> A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
SPT 9; $589
Equity actors, men and women, for the 2014-15 Season.

See breakdown.
A breakdown has been added for this notice. See below.
Prepare a two-minute comedic monologue.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.
AEA members without appointments will be seen as time permits.
Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.

2014-15 Season

by David Adjmi
Directed by Yury Urnov
1st Rehearsal- 8/19/14
1st Performance- 9/15/14
Closing - 10/12/14

Marie Antoinette (understudy only) - Female, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Queen of France, immature, dry and out of her element, suffocated by her royal duties and nostalgic for her old life in Austria.

Louis XVI – Male, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Marie’s husband, king of France. A child at heart, fears and avoids the reality of ruling France.

Joseph/Mr. Sauce – Male, 20s-40s, any ethnicity. Marie’s older brother, Holy Roman Emperor of the Hapsburg Empire, practical, dutiful. He tries to guide Marie in a direction that will prove honorable to their family /a shopkeeper.

Axel Fersen – Male, 20s-40s, any ethnicity. A longtime family friend of Marie’s and a counselor. There is an attraction between him and Marie, however, their posts have prevented their attraction from becoming more.

The Dauphin – Male, 10 years old, any ethnicity. Marie’s son and heir of France. Typical bratty, entitled 10 year old, forced to face the consequences of being the son of royals during revolution.

Yolande de Polignac/Mrs. Sauce – Female, 20s-40s, any ethnicity. Marie’s friend , superficial, completely concerned with image and social status , deserts Marie after her downfall/a shopkeeper’s wife, sassy.

Therese de Lamballe – Female, 20s-40s, any ethnicity. A true friend of Marie. Attempts to guide Marie and alert her to the rumors beyond the palace walls.

A Sheep – any gender, age, and ethnicity. The sheep is a harbinger of the people’s discontent and the forthcoming revolution. A truth-teller, but oddly sinister.

Guard – Male, 20s-50s, any ethnicity. Same actor plays 3 guards of the revolutionaries. Grumpy, cynical. Seems to get the big picture when it comes to the turmoil in France.


by Lisa D'Amour
Directed by John Vreeke
1st Rehearsal- 1/13/15
1st Performance- 2/9/15
Closing- 3/8/15

John – Male, 50s, Caucasian. Married to Janine, father to 2 kids, childhood friends with Mike. Due to recently being laid off from an executive position in the oil industry, being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer survivor, and hitting a certain glass half empty point his life, John is prone to emotional outbursts at a moment’s notice.

Janine – Female, 50s, Caucasian. Married to John, works as an elementary school teacher, maternal and supportive, an idealist, willing to try new things and embrace the moment, looking to discover herself and help her husband and friends find the positives in their given circumstances.

Mike – Male, 50s, African-American. Newlywed to Traci, childhood friends with John, works on an offshore oil rig. Blue collar guy that turns out to have more within than anyone could have expected.

Traci – Female, late 30’s, African-American. Married to Mike, works as a clothing store display designer in an outlet mall. A youngest child, fearful of trying new things, feels inferior to those with “nicer” jobs and educations.

Josh – Male, 20s, ½ East Band Cherokee and ½ Irish or Scottish or German. Is an actor in “Through Mountains and Tears” a popular outdoor drama run for years by the Cherokee. He is a young, incredibly attractive man; smart, charming, and manipulative, and has more modern Western world qualities than his looks might suggest.


by Robert O' Hara
Directed by Howard Shalwitz
1st Rehearsal- 4/21/15
1st Performance- 5/25/15
Closing- 6/29/15

Lord President Thom Valentine – Male, 30s-40s, Caucasian. The first openly gay lord President of the United States. Moral and idealistic, yet indecisive and uncertain of himself. Straight out of a magazine.

First Gentleman Chase Valentine – Male, 30s-40s, Asian. Supportive, but opinionated and ambitious. Together with Valentine, the perfect couple in a Benetton ad.

Lady Secretary of State Jessica Bloom (understudy only) – Female, 40s-50s, any ethnicity. Former Lady President. Brilliant, cut-throat, and manipulative.

Royal Butler/Royal Chief of Staff – Male, 20s-30s, Caucasian. Generically attractive and a little stupid.

Secretary General of African Nations Abidemi/Rebel Leader Babirye (understudy only)– Female, 30s-50s, African. National Leader , confidently powerful /Twin warrior sister of Abidemi, and second-in-command of United African Nations. Fierce and aggressive.

Governor Alexander/Zombie Minority Whip – Male, 30s-50s, any ethnicity. A leader of the rebels, hot-headed and belligerent

Governor Lloyd/Zombie Speaker of Zombies – Male, 30s-50s, any ethnicity. A leader of the rebels, proper and lawful/main leader of zombies, diplomatic and thoughtful.

Governor Carol/Zombie Chairwoman – Female, 30s-50s, any ethnicity. A leader of the rebels, domineering and careful/Blunt and forceful.

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